Website-Centered Marketing for Services

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Online Strategies for Health & Wellness Solopreneurs

Mindfulness, Intentionality, And Intuition Are Not Buzz Words At Stargazed Studio

They are deep-rooted in our work practices and help us center on a human approach for the projects we work on.

Stargazed Studio is a design studio specializing in intuitive user experience design. We integrate mindful practices into our framework to help you create a branded presence that aligns with your purpose.

We empower health, wellness and self-development businesses to showcase their expertise and confidence online, enhancing their engagement and connection with their audience.

Our specialty is creating WordPress websites that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but are also...

  • Designed to achieve your goals and and fit into your business strategy
  • Optimized to provide a natural and intuitive experience for your audience
  • Flowing seamlessly with the rest of your brand
  • And ridiculously easy to edit and maintain for our clients!

We know that this might be a step into the unknown in your business, so we'll be holding your hand throughout the process. We'll guide you through the lingo, provide resources and recommendations for the parts you struggles with, and overall support you while we transform your current online presence into the dream experience you want for your audience.

Summary of the work done for Soma Sage & Soul, including brand design and website design
Jana Rowland, Owner of Active8, Consultant and Entrepreneur

"I have only good things to say about Sara. She's so incredibly humble and I enjoy our conversations. She's receptive to feedback and always has a solution. I have worked with my fair share of developers and designers and have to say,

Sara is one of the most talented web developers I've come across. She not only understands the technical pieces and can bring you back to reality when your ideas are just going to waste time and money but the design elements that bring it all together. Not to mention, she's fast! This is a very unique skillset to have. I will be recommending her to all of my clients."

Jana Rowland

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WordPress designer Sara Obando standing in a meadow in Midway, Utah


Stargazed is a design studio focused in branding and WordPress web design, specializing in health and wellness service providers. We are currently based out of Wasatch County, Utah, where Sara, founder and lead designer, has been living since 2020.

Sara works with a small team to enhance her client's website's and online presences, finding a balance between eye-catching aesthetics and efficient functionality, supported by strategy.

Annie Carter, Relationships Coach at Annie Joy

"Sara is an amazing website designer and she does a great job capturing your brand style into your site. She has great ideas and she is very knowledgeable about tech that will make your business thrive. I highly recommend hiring Stargazed Studio!"

Annie Joy


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