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Intuitive UX Design That
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Mindfulness, intentionality, and intuition are not just buzz words for us.

They are deep-rooted in our work practices and help us center on a human approach for the projects we work on.

Stargazed Studio is a family-run design studio specializing in intuitive user experience design. We integrate mindful practices into our work frame to help you create a branded presence that aligns with your purpose.

We work with small businesses and online entrepreneurs helping them create an online and offline presence that makes it easy for their audience to connect with them. We do that through branding, web design, systems, and other elements that contribute to a seamless user experience.

We offer a number of solutions:

Pamela Zuñiga, Owner of The Lettering Spot, Lettering Artist and Muralist

Pamela Zuñiga

The Lettering Spot
Artist and Muralist

"I started my business project less than 6 months ago and was not prepared for it to become so daunting so quickly. Talking to Sara has been game changing, every time!

Sara has tons of experience being an entrepreneur and was eager to use that experience to guide me in my own process. It was amazing how relatable her experience could be to mine and how certain tools and methods she had used applied to my own kind of business.

Her willingness and motivation were contagious and made me see solutions to small details so clearly! She is knowledgeable and experienced and has a knack for pointing out the one aspect that will enhance your business! Having Sara available for consulting has been essential in my journey to become a successful woman entrepreneur!"

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Resources For You

We have a few freebies to help you start your business journey!

Journaling for Entrepreneurs
Introduction to journaling for your business

WordPress? Ready, Go!
WordPress Course for beginners

Who are We?

Stargazed Studio is a family-owned and run business. Sara founded this business in 2017, and her husband joined her in 2020 (yes, that year).

We are quiet, introverted folks that enjoy working from home, eating pizza, and watching fantasy and sci-fi shows.

Sara has a background in design, and Cameron a background in engineering, which reinforces our goal of providing a balance between intuitive aesthetics and efficient functionality, supported by strategy.

Cameron and Sara, engineer and designer behind Stargazed Studio

Cameron & Sara during their last trip to Costa Rica, where Sara is from.

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