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If you have visited saraobando.com before, you might be a bit confused.
Wasn't Sara a designer?

Well, yes, yes I am! And you can hire me for my design work over here. But as I started upgrading my services and niching down my audience, I realized I missed working with online service providers and creative entrepreneurs who are just starting out. You see, I was there for quite a bit and created a lot of meaningful relations in that area! So, I wanted to find a way to continue working with them.

Just a couple of years ago, shortly after starting my design business, I realized that having design skills, tools, and passion were not enough to run an online business-by far! I needed help with marketing, finances, legalities, strategy, systems, and the list went on forever. I struggled for months, reading hundreds of blog posts, trying out dozens of tools that people recommended, and not seeing any growth in my business.

It wasn't until I was chosen for beta testing a mentorship program that I got the help I needed. I learned about systems that worked for my specific industry, slowly understood all those terms I'd hear around, but no one would actually explain, and as I started implementing the help I was receiving, I saw my business completely turned around. Finally!

Now that I'm at the next level, I realized it was my turn to give back. It all started with friends asking me for advise, and eventually, I'd be jumping on calls with them and guiding them through surviving your first months in business.

"Impostor syndrome? Yea, I hadn't heard about it either until I was six months into my business and finally realized it was not only me. Email marketing? Instagram for business? Schedulers? Yes, you need to set those systems in place, let me recommend you some pretty good tools that would help you and fit in your budget. SEO, SSL, and other random terms? No worries, I can explain them."

And so, what started like a little side of my business has grown to the point where it deserved its own website. I have now a mastermind, several courses, and a lot of resources that can help you understand better how to grow your online presence. And if you need something more personalized, I have several 1-to-1 services that are tailored to you and your business.

Let me know how I can help you!

Who is Sara?

In case we haven't met before: Hi, I'm Sara! I am an online experience designer for wedding professionals, creative entrepreneurs, and similar industries. I specialize in designing user experiences catered to women. In short, I design brands, websites, systems, social media profiles, and connect them all to work seamless.

But I am also passionate about educating and guiding fellow women who want to start their own online-based business. I use my experience as highly sensitive introvert to teach fellow creatives how to make it, how to use online tools to launch their projects, and live their dreams. Really, if I could do it, you can do it too! You just need the right guidance.

I am a (good) Slytherin, enneagram 2w3, and INFJ in the Myers-Briggs personality type. I'm also slightly obsessed with personality types. Just a bit.

I was born in Costa Rica, but currently live in Utah. You can find me home every Friday evening, having a pizza party with my husband and my doggie, and watching Star Trek.

If you want to connect, Instagram is the place to find me! But I'm also on Facebook and Pinterest. Please reach out! I love making online friends 😀 (Seriously! One of my best friends is someone I met when I was 16 in an online forum. 13 years later, we are still friends, and we've met up in real life 4 times even though we live countries away!!) ((I've been living the online lifestyle for quite a while, that gives me credibility, right?))

Sara Obando, woman standing outdoors in a Spring setting

You want to work with me if...

You are ready to take your small business to the next level!
Maybe you just thought of starting, and your goal is to bring everything together and make it legit. Or maybe you've been running your business for a couple of months, but you still feel very lost and don't know what the next steps are. Either way, if you are ready to take those steps, I'm you girl!

You are a creative at heart!
It doesn't matter as much what your brand or website is about, but what you do with it. You have an important message you want to get out, and you want to focus on that outlet, create the content or products that will carry that message, and not worry about the tech-magic side.

You believe in community over competition
You want to encourage others with your work, you want to promote your beliefs, you want to empower your community. You and me both, lady!

You know it won't be easy, but you are ready for it
If running a business would be easy, everybody would do it. It takes a lot of discipline and organizations, and hours of talking to yourself. (Or a dog if you play it cool like me.) But you want to make your business succeed no matter what. Bring it on!


"A Year from Now, You Will Wish You Had Started Today"

-Karen Lamb


If these things call out to you, then, this is not a coincidence. You landed here for a reason! If you've been looking for a way to finally get your business together and hit the next level, let's talk!

Ready to Take the next step?