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At Stargazed Studio, our values are our #1 priority

We care a lot about our brand’s values, because they are also our lives values–and it’s very important that our team, clients, and collaborators align with them.

We at Stargazed Studio strive to make everyone feel valued and respected, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or identity, religion, nationality, or any other type of identity.

We care about our clients and community (and our world in general!), and we commit to continue working on providing a safe space for you today, and a better, more inclusive future for the upcoming generations.

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So far, our team is our family. Literally. Sara and Cameron, the owners, are not only business partners but also life partners, and this business exists so we can create the life we want for our family. When we got Wendy, our doggie with separation anxiety, we decided we’d build a life where at least one of us would be working from home and be with her. Even though starting a business can be very hard, knowing we had committed to taking care of Wendy gave Sara the motivation at the beginning to continue trying instead of searching for a job outside of home.

And we know our clients are working on their own goals for their own families too. And we don't have a set definition of it: found family, pet family, and everything in between—every family is valid.

New team members are obviously not going to be our literal family, but we hope to provide you and your family with further help to achieve your own goals and dreams as well. We understand that family comes first, and will stand by our team members whenever a situation arises where you need to prioritize your family over work.

Instead of Live to Work. We want to live each moment. Our work is a tool to achieve things, but it's not the ultimate goal. We have a life, our clients have a life, life happens. And that's the priority!

We believe in flexibility, in a human-first approach, and that our lives are much bigger than this. We know our work is important, we strive to give our best and be responsible, but the ultimate goal is that it provides for the life we want. And with “we” we mean us as business owners, our team, our clients–all of us, our work is how we all will achieve our dreams.

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Work to Live
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Our business is not perfect. But as long as we are satisfied about what we are achieving, everything is good!

Fulfillment is what we want to feel at the end of every project launch, every client service, every event. Knowing that we did our very best, that we are bringing change, and that our audience is feeling this too!

If this work is not fulfilling you, we’re happy to implement changes to improve things.We believe that as long as your values align with our values, we can find a way to make this job fulfilling for you. But we’ll also understand when a team member finds something that fulfills them more, and we’ll happily cheer on you and your new journey.

This studio exists because of the support we have received in our journey. No way we could have made it so far by ourselves. We have an amazing support system, and we strive to pay forward what we've received and support others as well in everything we can.

Both professionally and personally, we hope to support our team members in any way we can. Wellness is especially important to us–that’s one of the main reasons we often work designing for wellness and self-development businesses, because we believe in what they do and how they change lives!

We hope to become part of your support system, provide you with resources and recommendations if applicable, and help you move on forward in your journey as well.

We also commit to use our business to support the causes we care about. Some of the organizations we have supported as a business in the past include Encircle, Global Fund for Women, Kurandza, and donations to support people in Ukraine, Sri Lanka, and other locations going through turmoil. It is important that those who work with us care about those causes as well.

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Icon representing Family

As a team, we keep each other accountable. As service providers, we help our clients stay accountable. As a community, everyone holds us accountable. This applies to tasks and projects. But also to our commitment to take care of our world and build a better future together.

Just as our business is our tool to fulfill our dreams, it’s also how we want to make a change in the world–even if it’s a little step at a time. We strive to do business in a way that is responsible towards our clients, but also mother nature. We keep educating ourselves and changing things in our processes, working with different companies, and finding better ways to provide quality work while minimizing our footprint–if anything, creating a bigger impact for good.

We hope to have a team that can support us in this journey, that wants to learn with us, and help us work towards that better future that we want to stay accountable to.

Everything in our business revolves around this. We want to connect to people that need our services, and then help them connect to the people who need their services. We recognize connection as a basic human need, and approach our work with the goal of fulfilling this need. That's why our design is focused on human connection above all.

We teach and implement marketing practices like funnels, but we do so in an intentional way, where human connection is the priority. We don’t see our clients, students, and overall audience as numbers: they are people, looking to reach out and make the connections they need for their next journey.

Between support, accountability, family–connection is ever present. So the way we communicate it is of utmost importance.

And as mentioned in support, we like to make sure that people know that our space is a safe place where they can connect to fellow humans who care about them and want to help them reach their best potential.

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We hope to grow and nurture a community where we feel that prioritized connection, where we are aligned in our beliefs and values, and where we work together towards our goals.

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