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Let's Grow Together

Learn about the affiliate program for our Grow Together Education Platform

Thank you for your interest in being an affiliate to our courses and programs inside of our educational platform, Grow Together Education.

Grow Together Education is a platform dedicated to providing resources to small businesses and online entrepreneurs that are starting their online presence. All of our resources fit into the categories of intuitive branding, web design, and/or user experience.

We, the Stargazed Team, know that most of us are starting a business from scratch, by ourselves, we can't afford to pay thousands of dollars for brand and web design—that's where we were when we started. But we also know that having an intentional brand and a solid online presence when you're starting can make a huge difference in how your business grows! So we create resources meant to help those entrepreneurs that are investing their time and efforts into starting and growing an online presence for their business.

Our affiliate program represents the epitome of what Grow Together stands for:

  • Our affiliates help us grow in visibility and profit, by sharing about us with their audience.
  • Our affiliates help their audience grow, by providing resources that will directly influence the growth of their business.
  • Our affiliates grow their profits through the commissions they earn, and grow their audience's trust by providing them with helpful resources.

We all benefit, we all help each other grow—that's what Grow Together Education is all about!

Want to join us?

We are looking for affiliates that have an audience or peers that can benefit of what we provide. We want to help you fill a need that you're seeing in your audience. Ideally, your business serves other small businesses or online entrepreneurs as well.

Wondering what being in our affiliate program looks like?

Receive a unique link that you can share with your friends and audience, and if someone purchases something through the link, you'll receive a 40% commission! Your links would be linked to a tracking cookie that is valid for 365 days.

Our regular courses and challenges range from 25 USD to 250 USD, so your commissions would range from 10 to 100 USD per sale.

We'll provide you with promotional images and text that you can use throughout the year to promote our programs and offers. Most of our content is evergreen, so you can promote it at any time!

We hold special sales and events a few times per year, where you can win additional prizes— on top of you commission! (And sometimes we increase commissions during the special event too!) Those prizes come in all shapes and forms, from access to exclusive programs, to baskets of goodies delivered to your home

We love collaborations, and would be more than happy to collab and help you introduce your audience to us that way. From simple collaborations like freebie swaps (where our Freebie would be an affiliate link, so that you receive commissions on any upsells!), to having us as a guest in your community to talk about one of our signature topics, and many other ideas.

Ready to Join?

Fill out the following form to join the program! We are very excited to have you 🙂

What happens next?

1. Once you submit the information, give us a few days to put you in the affiliate system. You will be added to our Teachable system, so you can access the affiliate dashboard and generate your own affiliate links. And you will also be added to our email system, so you can receive our affiliate emails. You will not be added to our regular newsletter, unless you decide to do so yourself.

2. When that's ready, you'll receive an email from us with instructions on how you can access the affiliate dashboard, and where you can find promotional information so you can start sharing the offers with your audience right away!

3. Whenever we launch a new program or start getting ready for an event, we'll email you so learn about it before our audience, and so you can prepare to promote it as well 😉