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How To Set Up Your Website's Preview

First impressions often come through social media. What impression does your website transmit when you share your URL on social media platforms? What impression do you want it to provoke? Whatever it is, you want to make sure its presence is professional and aligned to your brand. This is how mine looks like right now when … Continue Reading

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Hosting 101 for Creatives

A question I get again and again from clients, friends, fellow network-event attendees, and their moms, is “what exactly is hosting”? I mean, it is another one of those words that you hear around a lot, but if you’re new to the whole “having a website” thing, you may have no idea of what it … Continue Reading

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Beyond Lorem Ipsum: My Favorite Text Generators

If you are even slightly familiar with editorial design, publishing, web design, maybe even copywriting, you probably have read Lorem ipsum, the famous ancient text used as a placeholder when the actual content isn’t ready yet, but the document or website has to be designed and set up. It’s been used for decades, and it … Continue Reading

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What Do Graphic Designers Do?

Looking for a designer? Check out my Portfolio. When people ask me what I do, they often follow up with the questions “What do graphic designers do?”. Some of you might think it’s a stupid question, but honestly, I was at that point some time as well, so, let’s talk about it. My Story I … Continue Reading

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WordPress Plugin Troubleshooting

Today I want to share with you an easy tutorial that could help you get a website error under control, as long as it involves a WordPress plugin. This tutorial is specific for self-hosted WordPress, since I have no experience troubleshooting on other platforms. Has it happened to you that you visit your website, and … Continue Reading

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Determining Brand Needs

Brand is a word that gets often thrown around a a lot: brand your business, brand yourself, consistent branding, etc. But when it comes to the design-side of things, “brand” is often used as an equivalent to “logo”, or “logo, and additional graphics”. It’s partly true: your logo, and any graphics you use on your … Continue Reading