Black Friday Deals for Small Businesses – 2022 Edition

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post might contain affiliate links, meaning that if you buy something from an affiliate, we will receive a commission from it. We are choosy with our affiliates and only recommend offers from people and businesses we trust and learn from ourselves.

Welcome to our 2022 guide of End of the Year and Black Friday Deals for Small Businesses!

We have a pretty good network of awesome business owners that offer resources, services, and other tools that are incredibly useful to other business owners, ranging from support for people just starting their business, to valuable guidance to upgrade your business.

And many of them have great Black Friday deals for business owners that we want to introduce you to! So let's just dive right into them.

And make sure to scroll all the way down to see the fun surprises we have in stock for you!

Black Friday & Cyber Week offers

Tara is a marketer who specializes in techniques that work for introverts--so if you're an introvert like us, this is for you! She has 9 exclusive deals this season, including 40% off her membership the Introvertpreneur Club, of which Sara has been a part of for the last year.

Liz is the genius behind the Email Marketing Membership--a 9 USD/month membership fulfilling all your email marketing needs. For this season, if you buy the yearly pass, you'll receive access to all of her online products! We are members of this membership and are excited to upgrade to the yearly plan!

Zoe has been our go-to Referral Marketing Wizard for a few years now, and it's thanks to her that we have our affiliate and referral programs. She has multiple offers, and we are eyeing her ThriveCart Affiliate Guide, since it's literally the next step in our "moving to ThriveCart" process. But here are some other offers that might be a better fit for you and where you are at in your business:

If you need to get professional contracts and documents for your business, Britanny has been our recommendation for years!
She has a 40% off sale on ALL her products, so whatever legal needs you, check out her shop and get your business legally protected.

Launches coinciding with the Season

And we have some business buddies that are holding special offers that are not necessarily for Black Friday, and will be available beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but since you are already budgeting for this season, it only makes sense to tell you about them too!

Our friend and client Diana Groesbeck is the director of this program, and they currently have their doors open for the next coaching cohort to start in February 2023. This cohort will be their last beta cohort, thus, the price for this coaching certification program will increase for next cohorts. If you are thinking of getting certified as a coach next year, jump on a call with them to see if it's a good fit for you!

Our friend and client Christine Diamond is one of the writers that are part of this book collaboration. If you are looking for inspiration on how to find your calling, these stories can help you with it. Besides, it's only 99 cents for a while more!

Our friend and fellow Done in a Day alumni Devin organizes Quarterly Planning Parties every quarter. This sounds like an event--but it's actually a 12-week program where you transform your visionary ideas into a strategic plan for the next quarter, giving yourself the freedom and confidence to be the badass business owner you truly are.
And there's a special price where you can sign up for one planning party, or you can sign up for four planning parties (covering all year) for the price of three!

Our End of the Year Offers

Lastly, let us share with you our special offerings for this season!

We partnered up with our friends at The Quirky Pineapple Studio to bring a pop-up offer called Realign Your Sales Page. Sign up to grab one of the spots (only about 6), and we'll create a wonderful, attractive Sales Page during February and March 2022. You'll have a talented team to build it for your which include brand strategy, copywriting, web design, online systems, and more.

We have some special offers open between now and the end of the December that will benefit you if you want to work with us next year, and they'll benefit an organization that we've chose for our Giveback season.

We hope you enjoy these offers, and find something that can help you where you are at in your journey!

Also, we only featured small businesses owners we know personally on this list. If you are looking for software, we recommend you check out the Favorite Tools section of our Resources page--they're all hosting great Black Friday deals that can help you.

Have a great end of the year, and have fun preparing for the next year!

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Date November 21, 2022

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