Creative Entrepreneur's Gift Guide

Gift giving is a love language, and you may not know this, but it’s totally my love language! So, it was about time I shared with you this Creative Entrepreneur’s Gift Guide. You might be here because holidays are coming up, or maybe the birthday of someone you care about, or you want to treat yourself with some goodies that are awesome and also super useful, sounds about right?

To help you, I have some ideas for awesome gifts that cover education, software, accessories, and more, for all different type of budgets.

I’m dividing the guide in three categories: Tools, Courses, Resources and Products. Most of these suggestions lead to affiliate links, which means that if you buy anything, I will get a small commission out of it with no additional cost for you. I will only recommend things I have used myself and recommend though.

Gift Voucher

A gift voucher for your creative friend! It has a message you can customize, and a QR code so that your friend can find this gift guide quickly.

If you are not completely sure what could help your friend best, or if you want to give them a course but want it to be delivered to their email address, you can share this voucher with them instead.

It will open up in a Google Slide, so that you can customize the headline and the text, and the QR code will lead them back here, so they can see what it is that you’re telling them to get. You can then either choose to save it as a PDF to send it digitally, or print it out to give it to your friend physically. Enjoy!


Help your friend (or yourself!) expand their toolkit with helps to enhance their website, software, automations, design resources, and more.

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Hosting – SiteGround
Anyone that wants to host their own website, needs hosting space. And you can purchase a domain while you’re at it!

Email Automation – Flodesk
If you are looking for an easy interface and beautiful templates, Flodesk is the email automation you want.

Email Automation – ActiveCampaign
If you need a lot of lists and automation features your your email marketing, ActiveCampaign will be for you.

WordPress Theme – GeneratePress
A simple and lightweight theme that has a lot of simple customization options.

WordPress Page Builder – BeaverBuilder
A page builder to create stunning websites. Works amazing with Generate Press!

Showit Templates – Atelier 21 Co.
If self-hosted WordPress is not your thing, but you still want its amazing features, Showit might be for you. And Atelier 21 Co. has gorgeous templates ready to just install and go.

Pinterest and Instagram Scheduler – Tailwind
Make scheduling easy, save a lot of time, and be on the good side of the algorithm by using this scheduler.

Client Relations Management – Dubsado
Once a business is growing, it needs to manage clients better. Contracts, proposal, invoices, scheduling, and more.

Business Cards + Stationery – Moo
Few things help a business owner starting out feel more legit than beautiful, high quality, branded stationery. And that’s what Moo can offer! Do you feel like you’d be too intrusive ordering stationery for a friends? Don’t worry, you can give them a Moo gift card instead so they can order things how they want. And using this link will give you 25% off your first order 😉

Courses / Communities

Education is always a good idea! Here are a few courses and communities that I recommend for different areas.

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Start a Money Making Blog
For your friend who has taking the blogging hobby seriously—this is the course they need to take it to the next step! And while you’re there, you may find that Kimi Kinsey has a lot of other amazing resources to help bloggers. So, check it out!

Mindset Matters
I can’t recommend this course enough. Anyone, whether they are starting a business or not, should learn about mindset, about the fears and anxieties that many of us face, and about the tools to overcome them. Your friend will thank you so much!

Inspired Inner Circle
This is one of the most exclusive memberships for designers, hosted by Love Inspired’s Cathy Olson. It includes monthly guides physically mailed to the members, covering topics meant to complement and grow design businesses, a private Facebook community with live chats and design audits for any questions you may have, and it even includes private, real life events.

Bloom Boldly
If what you want is to give the gift of community and support, then this is what you want to give! Formerly Launch Brand Grow, this community connects women creatives from throughout the world and gives them a space to engage, learn, collaborate, and more.

Give the gift of endless knowledge. Skillshare provides hundreds of courses on a huge variety of topics. And they provide gift cards to help you gift specific amount of months to their subscription.

Creative Entrepreneur’s Bundle Package
Even though the name is very similar, this bundle is not related to this gift guide. But it’s definitely recommend by it! This is a big bundle packed with information to help you go from hobbyst to entrepreneur. But hurry, because it’s only available for a limited time!


Depending on what kind of entrepreneur this is for, there are a lot of different type of resources that can make for awesome gifts.

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Vanessa Ryan’s Template Shop
Vanessa has dozens of templates and tool kits ready to be used. Her designs are feminine and colorful, and she has quite a variety of styles available, from elegant and classic to playful and funky. They are easy to edit and easy to use and can save you a lot of time.

Creative Contracts
Something that often gets overlooked, but can be a huge help for a small business is having the right legal documents in place. Creative Contracts provide lawyer-approved templates that are made with creatives in mind (thus the name).

Atelier 21 Co. Stock Photos
If anybody wants to get me a present, do this one! Any creative that works regularly with images would appreciate a stock photo subscription to keep things fresh and beautiful. Atelier 21 Co.’s subscription is awesome because they offer different color themes, topics, seasonal, and the quality is always amazing.

Business Babysitter
One of the reasons we started working for ourselves was because we want flexibility. If there’s an emergency, we can take care of it. If we need a break, we can disconnect. But that doesn’t mean out business has to stop because of it. The Business Babysitter is a tool kit with a trello board, swipe copy, checklists and more, for when you need to disconnect from your business. It’s an emergency plan that you can just put in place.

365 Days of Content
If you struggle with putting out new content constantly, stop! This tool kit has 365 prompts, so that ends with you having 365 days of content ready when you fill them out! It includes holiday prompts, hashtags, and some more goodies to help you nail that content.

Envato Market
They have literally millions of assets for sale to help in a lot of different type of industries. I recommend you check out what they have to offer, based on what you need: Themes & TemplatesCode & PluginsVideo & Stock FootageGraphic Templates | Audio & Sounds.

Creative Market
This is paradise for creative lovers! There are all types of graphic resources available here: Fonts, Templates, Watercolors, Mockups, Textures, and so much more. I suggest you look at all the categories they have there.


Useful gadgets, accessories, and books for creatives. It was hard to narrow down the list, with so many ideas out there! But I hope you enjoy these picks.

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Sealing Wax Kit
If your friend is into stationery, writing letters, and making things stand out, this kit is a win! As someone who has been using this kit for years, it always gets complements.

Mini Schedule Notepad
I personally like buying a couple of these each beginning of the year to give to my friends. It’s thoughtful, it’s useful, and it will help your friend organize their time better.

Sometimes it’s the little things that count. With BoxFox you can send a box full of many different useful for thoughtful things: paper clips, pens, notepad, mug, etc. You can even send not-so-professional things like candy, tea, cozy socks, candles, and more. Really, when you work from home, you need more than just desktop accessories! And if you visit them through my link, you will receive 10 USD off your first order!

You’re a Badass
Give your friend the confidence boost they need to get a hold of their business and rock it with this motivational book.

Real Artists Don’t Starve
Remind your friend that just because they are an artist doesn’t mean they have to work for pennies—show them their worth with this book.

Paper Finch
This cute online store has goods that are perfect for office decoration! It’s specially applicable to those who run their own business so they have the flexibility to travel, because Paper Finch has a lot of wanderlust-ful decor! And be sure to check them out while they have their holidays collections on display.


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December 2, 2019

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