Freebie Friday 2020 Compilation

During the last quarter of 2020 we collaborated with some awesome fellow business owners in our network to bring to our email list a new Freebie every Friday. This freebies are focused on small businesses and online entrepreneurs, and help in a range of areas from mindset to web design, Pinterest, marketing strategies, and more!

We want to thank our network for providing so much amazing content, and want to do a compilation here of every Freebie we shared. Some of these Freebies are/were available only for a limited time, and might no longer be there when you visit. But we still wanted to list them to acknowledge the owner!

A few of these Freebies are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase anything in that page you are visiting, we will receive a commission for it at no additional cost to you.

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Freebies are listed based on when we shared them originally in our newsletter.

Kimi Kinsey – Start A Money-Making Blog
Even if you are not interested in being a blogger or influencer, having a blog that creates traffic for you is amazing for SEO, showing your expertise, getting discovered by others, and more. So if you need to improve your blogging skills, I highly recommend this course that teaches all the important basics from scratch.

The Quirky Pineapple Studio – Use Your Voice Guided Visualization
This guided visualization is only a few minutes long, but it’s powerful. It reminds me of why I want to use my voice, why it’s important, and that by doing so I can achieve my goals.
If you want that reminder in your life, download this Use Your Voice Guided Visualization by Cassandra from The Quirky Pineapple Studio.

Begin Branching Out – Evening G.R.A.C.E. Reflection 
I know that I have a hard time disconnecting, I often work until late, and my brain is still on full work-mode when I try to sleep. These prompts are simple, but they help so much with disconnecting and getting ready to get some proper rest! If you could use some more grace each evening, you will want this sheet.

Zoe Linda – The Ultimate Affiliate Program Starter Guide
If you want to start your own affiliate program for your products or programs, check out this free 17-page guide. It will guide you through creating your first affiliate program so you can sell more of your digital product, and increase authority in your niche.

Kimi Kinsey – How To Build A Free Resource Library Page
This free course does not only teach you how to create a free resource library to grow your email list, but she also how to monetize it. If you’re curious about how this library works, want to know the do’s and don’ts around it, check it out.

Canyon Moon Creative – Boss Lady Bundle
This time the freebie is actually a bundle of freebies! And when I say freebies, I actually mean paid resources that people have donated to be part of the Boss Lady Bundle, so that we can give access to them for free for a limited time!
This bundle was only available during November 2020. But she relaunches it a couple of times a year with different products, so check it out to see when the next one will be available!ClemSEO – FREE SEO Audit
This is an exclusive offer that Clem created for our readers. She is offering a one-on-one service for free. So if you want to optimize your website better for search engines and learn about easy fixes that will make your website much better, you will want to grab this SEO audit!

Kimi Kinsey – 25 Days of Deals
Kimi got together a group of business friends to offer an Advent Calendar for business owners! Every day a new door opens, presenting a Freebie or a special offer.
This calendar was only available during December 2020. But you might be able to still find freebies on this page, and might be forwarded to other awesome resources by her!

Lindsey Aleson – ClickUp Course Launch Template
Today I’m bringing a freebie for those of you who want to create and launch courses during 2021. Lindsey has a ClickUp Template that serves as a road map to plan and launch your course, from start to finish!

Site Maker Studio – Design + Grow Method
Jennifer’s freebie is a guide to creating your website! It works both for people who want to offer web design as a service, or for those who are working on building a website themselves. This guide is based on her own framework that divides the process in four steps: Strategize, Assemble, Dominate, and Launch.

She’s Got Vision – Pinterest Audit Checklist
They call it the Pinterest Audit Checklist, but really, it’s a workbook! And a very useful one as well. This workbook is meant to help you align your Pinterest with your brand and brand goals. Because not only will it make sure to help you create a Pinterest profile that attracts views and clicks, but it will actually bring you closer to reaching your goals.

Welcome to the Stargazed Studio Blog! A space where we expand on topics relevant to our business and our clients, dive deep into our resources and work systems, share tutorials, prompts, and parts of our business journey, and recommend you things we love to use ourselves.

Sara Obando

January 4, 2021

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Sara Obando

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