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Freebie Friday 2021 Compilation

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post might contain affiliate links, meaning that if you buy something from an affiliate, we will receive a commission from it. We are choosy with our affiliates and only recommend offers from people and businesses we trust and learn from ourselves.

During the last quarter of 2021 we collaborated with some awesome fellow business owners in our network to bring to our email list a new Freebie every Friday. These freebies are focused on small businesses and online entrepreneurs, and help in a range of areas from mindset to web design, Pinterest, marketing strategies, and more! We had even more freebies than last year!

We want to thank our network for providing so much amazing content, and want to do a compilation here of every Freebie we shared. Some of these Freebies are/were available only for a limited time, and might no longer be there when you visit. But we still wanted to list them to acknowledge the owner!

A few of these Freebies are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase anything in that page you are visiting, we will receive a commission for it at no additional cost to you.

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Freebies are listed based on when we shared them originally in our newsletter.

The Mindful Brand Challenge
Freebie no longer available, but can be purchased for 25 USD
By popular demand, our first Freebie was free access to The Mindful Brand Challenge, regularly priced at 25 USD, which people received to celebrate Sara’s birthday. This challenge includes five prompts to help you realign different aspects of your brand, step by step. The challenge’s goal? To create a brand that aligns with our purpose.

How to Build a Free Resource Library
Freebie still available
We recommended a freebie by Kimi Kinsey (whose resources we often recommend) that we actually used recently to create our new Resource Library page on our website! This sounds pretty straight forward, yet, I was surprised at the ideas I got from this free course. I’m loving our new Resource Library page! And if you have a website, offer any type of resources, recommend resources by others, and/or want to share your favorite tools with others, this course will help you organize it all and have a strategy behind it.

DIY Website Evaluation
Freebie still available
If you’re interested in optimizing your website and providing a better experience for your audience, you will want to sign up to our new free course, DIY Website Evaluation. This is a freebie we created for you this year, and launched it live the week we released as a Freebie Friday item!

Banner for the Mindful Brand Challenge, showing a woman writing in her journal.
The Mindful Brand Challenge
Banner for How to Build a Free Resource Library, showing several screen devices showcasing the course.
How to Build a Free Resource Library
Banner for DIY Website Evaluation, showing a woman working on her laptop.
Banner for DIY Website Evaluation

14 LinkedIn Content Prompts to Build Your Personal Brand
Freebie still available
These prompts will help you build your personal brand, stand out to your target audience, and grow your visibility/trust factor. That means they’ll come to you when they need what you offer!To us, LinkedIn often has a “bro-marketing” image, so it has been refreshing to learn from someone like Tania! We love her newsletters because she’s mindful, intentional, and her values align so much with our.

Website Copywriting Checklist
Freebie still available
If you’re wanting to revamp your website, this guide will be a great help. We are all about using your website to connect with your audience, and The Quirky Pineapple Studio does too! They will walk you step-by-step through the different elements of your website to help you communicate your message.

Run Your Business During the Holiday Expert Panel
Freebie still available
Last November we organized a panel to talk about how to manage #AllTheThings during the holiday season. We got three amazing business owners—Erika So, Anna Tyrlik, and Carol Perez—to come share their insight from different perspective. And the gold nuggets they shared can be applied to any time on the year that life and work get busier than usual! So we grabbed the replay, the audio version, made a transcript, and put it all in one place for you to access it and learn from it!

Banner for 14 LinkedIn Prompts to Build Your Personal Brand, showing a cup of coffee and a soft blanket.
14 LinkedIn Prompts to Build Your Personal Brand
Banner for The Website Copywriting Checklist, showing several screen devices and PDFs showcasing the course.
The Website Copywriting Checklist
Banner for the expert panel Run Your Business During the Holidays, showcasing the headshots of the four panelists: Erika So, Anna Tyrlik, Carol Perez, and Sara Obando.
Run Your Business During the Holidays Expert Panel

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Podcast Launch Calendar
Freebie still available
Rosa from IdeaBlossoms is a boss when it comes to podcasting. She helps people launch and manage their podcast, and she created an amazing, free resource: a launch calendar that can be used with your go-to task manager! You can also learn more about it on this blog post that goes in detail over the calendar. If a Podcast is in you 2022 plans, go get this calendar and get it done!

Learn to Create a Sensory Sanctuary
Freebie still available
Katie from Create My Sanctuary helps people build an environment where they can thrive, relax—really, that they can call a sanctuary! And she has this great guide that you can download for free to help you build your own sanctuary space at home.

Go Ask Kimi Membership
Freebie partially available
Kimi launched this membership during the Freebie Friday campaign, which allows you to submit a question once a week and get an answer from her during a weekly recap that she shares with everyone, and on top of that you can also get one-on-one feedback from her once a month during office hours. This membership is 10 USD / month (price going up soon), but you can join two weeks for free (it was one month free at the time we shared it initially!).

Banner for the Podcast Launch Calendar, showcasing a preview of the content. Text says Free Calendar, copy and paste tasks into your project management tool of choice. I'm talking Asana, ClickUp, Trello... Manage your launch with ease and no overwhelm! Download Now.
Podcast Launch Calendar
Banner for Learn How to Create a Sensory Sanctuary, showcasing a photo of Katie Sanders, the creator, overlayed on a photo of a soft blanket fort. Text says "Learn How to Create a Sensory Sanctuary using items you can find around your home, create a space for you tat soothes your senses and calms your mind. You deserve this.
Learn How to Create a Sensory Sanctuary
Banner for Go Ask Kimi, showcasing Kimi Kinsey. Text says "monthly membership".
Go Ask Kimi

Lizzy’s Christmas Party
Freebies no longer available, but you can click through for other awesome stuff
We were part of Lizzy’s Christmas Party this year! So the freebie was free access to 200+ products that are usually NOT freebies and are regularly priced between 1 and 100 USD. It was technically a “party goodie bag” with hundreds of products to choose from: digital planners, finance trackers, journaling prompts, courses for business owners, courses for personal development, guides for your health and mindset, and much, much more. If you don’t want to miss out the next time something like this happens, sign up to our newsletter 😉

Pinterest Playbook
Freebie not available, but click through if you want to learn more about Pinterest
Addie’s Pinterest Playbook will teach you how Pinterest can help your business, what tasks you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly, answers to all of your biggest Pinterest questions, and more.

25 Days of Deals
Freebie still available (only until January 15th!)
This year we’ve once again been part of Kimi Kinsey’s 25 Days of Deals advent calendar. And the deal we are offering is an amazing freebie: grab a copy of our Connecting Through UX workshop for free! (Regularly 50 USD). There are also 10 other freebies hidden behind other doors, along with 15 great discounts and bonuses to great resources for business owners. Hurry to grab these before they’re gone!

25 Star Dust
Freebie only available to newsletter subscribers at the time
Since our last Freebie Friday coincided with Christmas Eve, we wanted to offer a special freebie: 25 Star Dust that can be used towards any of our courses or services!

Banner for Lizzy's Christmas Party, showcasing the hands wrapping up a present.
Lizzy’s Christmas Party
Banner for Pinterest Playbook, where a woman is holding a tablet that has the playbook on her screen. Text says "the complete guide to getting started with Pinterest for your biz"
Pinterest Playbook
Screenshot of 25 Days of Deals, showcasing the door for the Day 12 open, which shows the Connecting Through UX course by Stargazed Studio. In the back you can see the doors from 1 to 25 with cute Christmas and seasonal decorations.
25 Days of Deals
A card that says "25 Star Dust" on a table, next to a plant and a hot drink. The card also says "Redeemable at Stargazed Studio".
25 Star Dust

We hold our Freebie Friday campaign every Friday during the last quarter of the year! If you want to get these freebies live (and get those that are not available after the campaign is over!) make sure to sign up to our newsletter.

If you’d like for us to feature your Freebie, email us at hello@stargazedstudio.com and share about it with us. We prioritize people in our community, but you’re more than welcome to become part of our community! To do so, follow us and chat with us on social media, hang out with us during live events, reply to our emails, and show us how you can help other small businesses! Let’s connect and do awesome stuff together 😀

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