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How To Set Up Your Website's Preview

First impressions often come through social media. What impression does your website transmit when you share your URL on social media platforms? What impression do you want it to provoke? Whatever it is, you want to make sure its presence is professional and aligned to your brand. This is how mine looks like right now when pulled on Messenger:

Preview of Sara Obando Web Studio

Customize Your Preview

If you are a WordPress user and want control over what pulls up when people type your website’s address, here is a short tutorial for you:

  • Install and activate the “Yoast SEO” plugin (I use the free version!)
  • Go to the Edit page for your website’s front page
  • Scroll to the Yoast SEO box under your content box
  • Click on “Edit Snippet” and write in the title and description you want to show up when people look for your website
  • Find the icon on the top left of the Yoast SEO box and select the “Social” icon
  • Now the tabs will display additional forms to specify what information you want to display if the page is being pulled on Facebook or Twitter. For this step, I took a screenshot of my website and uploaded it as the image I want to be displayed when someone shares my link via Facebook and Twitter. You can even use different images if you want them specific to their social media audience.
  • Make sure to save the changes!

You won’t see the results immediately, give it at least 24 hours so search engines and other crawlers index your new information.

This is how the settings look within the Edit Page:

Yoast Settings in the Edit Page of Sara Obando Web Studio's Front Page

And this is how my website’s listing looks on Google:

Preview of Sara Obando Web Studio, title and descriptions on Google

As shown above, the information you enter here is also the image and description that Google and other search engines will pull when they index your website. So, make sure you use important keywords in the description that will help you rank higher. Don’t just type keywords though, since that will look spammy. Integrate them naturally into your description.

If this advice was helpful, you’ll love to check out my 5 Website Must-Haves: Blogger’s Kit guide. It will not only help you with great tips for blogging but also about WordPress plugins that you don’t want to miss out on.

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More Tips and Recommendations for your WordPress Setup

I have a free masterclass + workbook combo that walk you through the steps you need to get your website launch-ready. Even if it’s already live, it can help you make sure you’ve got all your bases covered! It includes a lot of plugin recommendations, tutorials, and more to help you understand your WordPress setup better. Check out WordPress, Ready, Go!

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