6 Ways in which Journaling Empowers Your Business (+4 long-term results you’ll get from it!)

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Journaling is not just a trend. For thousands of years people have used it as a tool to document their lives and thoughts. From drawings on caves, to Da Vinci’s notebooks, these records have provided us with insight of what people’s mind were like back in the day. Furthermore, they can provide us a lot of insight on what our own mind is like today!

When you journal for your business, it’s not about writing your day to day entrepreneur adventures (although that could be fun too!), but it’s an outlet we have to organize our ideas. We have so many things in our head, it’s hard and exhausting to keep track of it all. And by organizing our thoughts through journaling, we’ll find answers, opportunities, and other ways in which we are empowered.

6 ways in which journaling empowers you and your business.

1. Find Answers Within You

When you have a questions, you often already have the answer in your head. But after searching online and/or hearing what other people say, you get confused on what to decide. Through journaling you can find that answer. Let your thoughts flow, analyze your options, explore your mind to the point where you’ll recognize the right answer.

2. Clear Internal Dilemmas

Similar to the previous one, this one applies to when you bump into two choices and you don’t know which one is best one for you and your business. By journaling, you can explore the options, evaluate consequences, and choose what’s right for you.

There’s cases where both choices are good, but you can only choose one, and that makes it harder. So journaling can help you decide what feels right for you, explore the what ifs, and give you peace of mind with the one option you chose.

3. You Will Understands the “Why”s

Sometimes your gut tells you to make a decision, but you don’t understand why, and that makes you doubt yourself. Explore that decision through journaling. Why are you second-guessing yourself? What is the why behind the why? Evaluate the cons and the pros, and determine the true WHY behind your reasoning. Having that analysis will give you the confidence you need to move on forward.

4. Develop Your Offers

You know you have a skill, and that you can make a product or service out of it, but that’s not specific enough. With journaling you can dig further and shape it into the amazing product or service that you are meant to offer. Analyze who you will serve with that skill, how you will serve them, how will they benefit from working with you? Plan out all the details.

And remember everything is always evolving, so you can always come back to journaling to continue exploring your offers and change them with time as you and your business grow.

5. Troubleshoot Any Part Of Your Business

Whenever you encounter doubts, questions, any sort of issues, and don’t know how to solve them, what do you do? We often go to Google, or Facebook Groups, or ask our business besties to find answers. Sometimes it can help, but more often that not you end up with information overload and more confused, because there are so many different answers.

What can you do instead? Or to follow up all that information? Journal about it! If you feel something is not right, journal about it! If something seems off, journal about it! Why does it feel off? Why take one decision over the other? Let it all out. Journaling helps you organize what’s on your mind, pinpoint what’s not working, and help you determine how to approach the different issues.

6. Brainstorm Your Ideas

Sometimes we wake up inspired, and have this amazing idea floating in our mind, and think that we want do this right now! But sometimes it’s not even related to what we are currently working on. I’m the kind of person who always wants to try out something new, but it’s not always the best timing for it because of timing, or budgets, or many other valid reason. So even though they’re good ideas, you have to save them for later. I personally write these ideas in my journal and put sticky notes on them so that I don’t lose them. Then I make a note on Asana to look back at it eventually, but I have the whole idea expanded out in my journal.

These are the six different points that I wanted to share with you. If you journal about your ideas, you can shape them and grow them. Journaling allows you to put your mind on a table and see it all from a different perspective. Sometimes there are little ideas hidden behind other ones, that come our when you’re journaling, and can end up revolutionizing your business and your own growth.

Six Ways In Which Journaling Empowers Your Business (+4 Long-Term Results You'll Get From It!)

The ACTUAL Empowerment?

And yes, the fact that you’re sitting down and writing about what you are doing, and what you want to accomplish, and everything else, is great. You’re developing a great habit, using a powerful tool!

But what is absolutely amazing is the result you will start seeing after doing this regularly. What will further empower you and your business is the transformation you will undergo as a consequence from following this.

  1. Less Overwhelm, More Clear-headed
    When you take your thoughts to a notebook and organize them, you are freeing your brain from a lot of overwhelm. You are archiving your ideas in different categories, you are setting reminders on notebooks and phones so your brain can stop worrying about it, and that will free up your head and give you much more clarity.
  2. Way More Confidence
    You will own this. You’re going to stop doubting yourself, because you already went through the process to arrive at this decision, and it made sense! And after doing that several times, your mind will start processing your new ideas better, and you will quicker know what you are right and you can trust your decisions. And this whole lot of confidence will reflect in the way you do business, thus, making you grow faster.
  3. Positive Mindset
    As you process more great ideas and gain more confidence, you will know that you’ve got this, that you know what you’re doing, you are in control of your business. That doesn’t mean business will always be easy, but you will have the right mindset to continue pushing on forward, because you trust yourself. As you let your thoughts flow through journaling, more thoughts with more great answers and ideas will come, and abundance will become more common in your life. And you will be much stronger against negative mindsets like imposter syndrome or scarcity mindset.
  4. Meet Your Goals
    The chances of you reaching your goals will improve drastically! Because once you put a thought on a paper, it becomes a goal. And when you journal about it, it becomes a plan. And once you have a plan, you are way closer to make it come true!

So, can we agree that journaling is an amazing empowerment tool?

I challenge you to grab a pen and a notebook, and start! And most importantly, follow up with the actions you determine while you’re journaling, because that’s what will bring in the results.

Ready to take control of your business through journaling?

If you are, join our journaling revolution! We have prompts and materials prepared to guide you to empower yourself and your business through journaling.

New to journaling? Grab the Journaling for Entrepreneurs workbook.

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