Finding Your Support System — Take Back Control Virtual Retreat

Without a support system, I’d be still hundreds of miles away from where I am. Finding my support system not only changed my business, it basically changed my life. And since it’s so important for me, I’ll be sharing about it with you at the Take Back Control Virtual Retreat!

The links below are affiliate links, meaning that I’ll receive a commission if you decide to purchase something through the link. I obviously completely recommend this event though, otherwise I would not be a part of it!

Poster for the Take Back Control Virtual Retreat. The event is hosted by The Creative Huddle, and it will take place between November 18th and 21st, 2019. A global event to refuel and elevate creative entrepreneurs.

Join me, 40+ other speakers, and hundreds of creative women at an event created with one purpose: to support and empower other creatives. This event has been in the planning for months, and I’m so excited to finally be able to tell you about it!

What is a virtual retreat?

I started attending virtual summits and conferences about a year and a half ago. My mind was blown away by the fact that these online events existed, brought together amazing people, provided tons of information, and on top of that, were free! Most, if not all of the collaboration opportunities that I’ve had this year (bundles, podcasts, this presentation), have come as a result of attending these type of conferences. So, I invite you to check it out, attend the presentations on topics you struggle with, connect with the people, and grow!

This virtual retreat is basically a conference with speakers and attendants, but it all happens online and you can join in your PJs!

Something that was not intentional, but is totally there, is the fact that by attending an event like this one, you are actually working towards finding your support system. So, if you know you need biz besties to help you level up your business, keep yourself accountable, and have someone that understands what you’re going through, this will be a great first step! Come join me at my presentation on Wednesday to learn more about what a support system can do for you, and how to create one.

Image featuring guest speaker Sara Obando for the Take Back Control Virtual Retreat. Image announces her topic, Finding Your Support System.

There will be also fun surprises (from me and all the other speakers), including a new freebie I created that will be making its debut during my presentation (journaling friends, you want to be there!).

What is the cost?

Like I mentioned earlier, this event is free! Just make sure to visit the site ahead, sign up to receive your free pass, and you will be receiving emails with instructions on how to access the 40+ presentations that will be shown over a period of four days.

Poster for the Take Back Control Virtual Retreat. The event is hosted by The Creative Huddle, and it will take place between November 18th and 21st, 2019. A global event to refuel and elevate creative entrepreneurs.

If you can’t make it to a presentation you really wanted to attend, or if you are completely unavailable during those days, there is also the option of purchasing a Retreat Upgrade Pass. This pass will not only give you access to all the presentations for pretty much forever, but you will also be able to download audio versions (listen to the presentations on the go!), cheat sheet notes, and you’ll be entered into an AMAZING giveaway!

With over 40+ presentations, valuable freebies from all of them, discounts and offers, and networking opportunities, the value of all this would be over 9000 USD—that’s a lot! But the organizers and collaborators (I am not getting paid for presenting! Actually, I’m sponsoring the event because I want to support it all I can) believe in affordable, quality education for everyone. Remember how I mentioned that I’ve learned tons and received tons of new opportunities from attending other online conferences? Well, this is my way to give back:

The price of the Retreat Upgrade Pass is 177 USD.

But wait, that’s the regular pass! If you purchase your pass during the event (Nov 18 – 21) you will only pay 127 USD.

But, wait again! If you purchase your pass before the event, you only pay early-bird price, 77 USD. That’s one hundred dollars off from the original price. And it’s a tiny fraction from the value you are getting!

And that’s if you want the Retreat Upgrade Pass (which is totally worth it), but if you don’t need the late access and don’t want the extra helps, it’s free.

So sign up, put down in your calendar what presentations you can’t miss (mine is on Wednesday), and share with your friends!

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