Why You Need a WordPress Website

Do you wonder if you really need a website? Well, I have news for you: I’m a guest on the latest Rich in Differences episode! If you want to learn more about why websites are still important, and how to determine if WordPress is for you, you will want to listen to this episode.

Visit Rich in Differences to listen to the episode.

Cartoon illustration of Sara Obando's headshot, with the quote "You want a website! What happens if you social media is shut down? A website is yours and you can do what you want with it. You're not going to get that with a social media account."

Rich in Differences is Brooke Wiles’ podcast aimed to help women in business find what works for them. You might have heard me talking about Brooke over on Instagram after I took her course Mindset Matters. She’s an amazing, motivating, no BS type of coach that believes that one shoe doesn’t fit all, and that you ought to find what works for you and roll with it. Her podcast covers different topics from mindset to business tips, all with the goal of empowering fellow women—especially women in business. And the episodes are short and to the point, between 10 and 30 minutes, so it’s perfect amount of time to get some motivation in and get to work!

I’m really excited for this collaboration, and hope not only enjoy the episode, but also discover the gems of knowledge Brooke can provide for you! Check out her Freebies website to find things such as guides, challenges, videos, and more ranging from topics like coaching to podcasting.

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