Sara Obando Education

Grow Together Mastermind

Are you an online service provider, starting out your business and with no direction whatsoever? You know where you want to be, but you don't know the steps to get there? Every other business on Instagram seems to have their stuff together, and you feel like you are the only one that's left behind?

The Grow Together Mastermind is a group for like-minded women wanting to learn and, well, grow together. The spots are limited because we want people who will be actively participating and ready to be kept accountable. It's a space to receive advice and acquire skills, but also to meet others that understand what you're going through in your business, lift each other up, and make meaningful connections.

Online Presence 101

All businesses start somewhere, and most of us can't afford hiring out work if we are not generating a lot of profit yet. There's no shame in starting out with something simple, but you want to have an understanding of what each element of your online presence should do. That's what this course is for.

Online Presence 101 is a course to help you DIY your first brand and set up your first website. We will cover the basics for WordPress, web design, and identity branding, so that you can DIY your online presence following a guide, and save time by avoiding failed experiments or countless hours of googling.

Organize Your Business With Asana

My course Organizing Your Business with Asana is a compilation of videos walking you through different methods that work to organize different aspects of a business. It's just about an hour, but the results can impact your whole (business) life!

And guess what? You can take it pretty much for free!

If you have a Skillshare account, it's included in your account. And if you don't, you can use my link to claim a 2-months free trial of Skillshare, where you can not only take my course but ANY course in the platform!

WordPress, Ready, Go!

If you are a WordPress user, this FREE mini course is for you!

WordPress, Ready, Go! is a video training and workbook combo that will help you with many different aspects of launching a WordPress website.

From plugin recommendations, to step-by-step tutorials, to advice on good practices-it's a huge help!


I send out newletters with tips and tricks on running an online business about twice a month. A lot of that information does not make its way anywhere else, so, if you haven't signed up, you're missing out.

Educational Blog

If you haven't checked out my blog, you should right now!

I answer questions, recommend tools, and put together tutorials for you on different topics like branding, websites, and other things related to running online business.

One on One Services

I provide several 1-on-1 services to help you in your business journey. These are all designed to help you upgrade your business to the next step, no matter at what level you are at.

Find more information on my website, to see which of my services will benefit you the most. Feel free to contact me before booking to assess which service would benefit your situation the most.