The Mindful Brand Challenge

Embark on a self-guided journey with the 'Mindful Brand Challenge' to refine your brand's identity, aligning it closely with your core purpose and business objectives.

Create a Brand that Aligns with your Purpose

You've been working on your business, growing your brand, and suddenly you realize you don't really know what you are doing. Or why you are doing it. Or when you stopped prioritizing certain things over other ones. Why are you even trying out that strategy that you didn't like? And how come you no longer feel connected to what you are doing?

It's easy to lose track. There are so many distractions, so many gurus telling us to do this or that, and so many tasks on our to-do lists.

It's time we take some time to realign our purpose.

This self-paced program, The Mindful Brand Challenge, will help you reconnect with your goals, your audience, and your purpose.

Mindful Brand Challenge
Our challenge's goal?
To create a brand that aligns with our purpose.

The results?

  • A brand feels cohesive across different marketing channels.
  • A brand that represents your purpose and what you stand for.
  • A brand that flows seamlessly in front of your audience, so they can connect with you and understand your message.
  • A brand that won't just be a pretty thing—it will be the strategy to achieve your dreams and goals!


New to Journaling and/or Mindful Practices? No worries, we've got you covered:

  • The introduction of this challenge will guide you to a free workbook that will fill in everything you need to know to start journaling for your business.
  • We include recommendations on how to pace yourself and keep yourself accountable so that you can see results from your mindful practices.
  • We include both personal prompts, for you to journal on, and discussion prompts, for you to talk about with others, so that you can engage different parts of your brain in the process, and learn what works for you best.
  • BONUS we created print-friendly worksheets you can use to journal if you don't have a journal yourself.

The Roadmap

This challenge includes five prompts to help you realign different aspects of your brand, step by step. Each prompt includes the following:

  • A Lesson section, with a short explanation of the topic we are addressing and how it applies to you and your brand.
  • A Personal Prompts section, with questions for you to ponder for yourself. After thinking about them for a while (we recommend at least overnight) you can journal about it in whatever way works best for you: notebook, app, or audio recording. If you don't have a journal, you can download the print-friendly worksheets we added to this challenge, so you have a space to write freely, doodle, connect, highlight, etc.
  • A Discussion Prompts section, with more prompts for you to start conversations. This conversations will often prompt further things that you can consider, journal about, and just become aware of in general. It also helps you stay accountable, because it requires you to act beyond just this challenge, and results come from actions!
  • A Song recommendation, featuring one song per prompt that might help you concentrate, mediate, motivate, etc. I feature a different genre for each prompt, to expose you to different music and maybe help you find a new type of music to help you during your mind exploration practices.


And the best part is, you can take this challenge again and again, whenever you feel disconnected from your brand again and want to realign it with your purpose.

Sara Obando, Designer from Costa Rica

Hi, I'm Sara!

Sara is the founder of Stargazed Studio, and a designer specialized in branding, WordPress web design, and user experience that connects people. She is passionate about educating and empowering others who want to start and grow their own purposeful business through intuitive branding and mindful strategy, while living a lifestyle that brings them peace and fulfillment.

Sara is an INFJ, enneagram 2w3, and Slytherin. She was born in Costa Rica, but currently lives in Utah, where you can find her every Friday evening at home, eating pizza and watching SciFi with her husband and doggie.

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"I have always done journaling but never has it been more relevant than at this point in my life where I am striving to make my business grow at tha same time I overcome obstacles caused by personal feelings and circumstances. I didn't really start using it effectively or doing it fequently enough until I did Sara's first challange. It works magic! It keeps helping me push through when things overwhelm or block me. I learned to connect with myself by completing this challenge and acquired a habit that is now part of my personal and business routine! I am telling you, I can't do without it!"

Pam Z.
about the Connecting through Journaling and Mindful Brand Challenge

"This challenge was super simple and easy. I loved that I could think about the questions and get the answers only I could answer. Very insightful! I plan to take on more challenges."

Lajeana H.
about the Connecting through Journaling Challenge

"I was gifted this course back in January 2022 and have only now taken and completed it. It was divine timing! Only yesterday did I create a clear plan around my business and what I want to offer. During the previous year, I took a deep dive into my Human Design and learnt a lot about me. Today, with this course, I was able to get a feeling for my new life, my new business, choose the colours, the messages. It was so helpful, thank you! I am now clear on how I want the people to feel around me and my business and during the journaling process in prompt 1, I wrote down a huge vision that makes me feel so excited and happy. Thanks to this course, I now have a clear vision and plan at hand and I am so looking forward to setting it all up! :D"

Annika H.
about the Life/Brand Alignment Challenge

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This is a self-paced challenge, so you can take it whenever you want.
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