Online Presence 101: Branding

Create and Implement Your First Brand

Do you wish your Instagram would look and feel as professional as the services your offer?

Have you ever had to reply with "I'm working on that" when asks you for a business card?


Furthermore, do you feel like no one takes your blog or business serious—sometimes not even you—because it doesn't look the part?

All businesses start somewhere, and most of us can't afford hiring out work if we are not generating a profit yet. There's no shame in starting out with something simple, but how do you even know what that would look like if you don't know how each element fits into your online presence?

I've got your back, that's what this course is for.

Online Presence 101: Branding is a course to help you plan and execute your first brand and website. We will cover the basics for identity branding, explore different elements of a visual brand, and talk about how to apply your brand, so that you can create an online presence you are proud of—and save lots of time and headaches by avoiding failed experiments or countless hours of googling.

Online Presence 101 Branding

Is This For Me?

  • Are you a blogger or small business wanting to grow your project online?
  • Are you starting out, and need help creating your first brand?
  • You want to start your online presence, but are overwhelmed with all the words that are thrown around, and the results you find on Google?
  • You can't afford to hire a professional yet, but you know that your online presence is of utmost importance for your business?
If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, then Online Presence 101: Branding is for you! This course is written for people who are starting from scratch and need help understanding how this online business world works. And no worries, you won't need any previous knowledge of design!

I'm not saying that having a nice brand is everything, but it is a big help when it comes to your blog or business. Not only is it often the first impression others have of what you do, but it is also a big part of what you need to feel that you are the professional you want to be.

Stop being afraid of showcasing your business card.

Stop feeling embarrassed by your social media.

Stop the overwhelm you feel when someone asks you what you do.

Take control and portray the online presence that you want people to feelrelate, and connect with.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can start and work on the course whenever you want, at your own pace.

Ready to sign up?

"I have always done journaling but never has it been more relevant than at this point in my life where I am striving to make my business grow at tha same time I overcome obstacles caused by personal feelings and circumstances. I didn't really start using it effectively or doing it fequently enough until I did Sara's first challange. It works magic! It keeps helping me push through when things overwhelm or block me. I learned to connect with myself by completing this challenge and acquired a habit that is now part of my personal and business routine! I am telling you, I can't do without it!"

Pam Z.
about the Connecting through Journaling and Mindful Brand Challenge

"This challenge was super simple and easy. I loved that I could think about the questions and get the answers only I could answer. Very insightful! I plan to take on more challenges."

Lajeana H.
about the Connecting through Journaling Challenge

"I was gifted this course back in January 2022 and have only now taken and completed it. It was divine timing! Only yesterday did I create a clear plan around my business and what I want to offer. During the previous year, I took a deep dive into my Human Design and learnt a lot about me. Today, with this course, I was able to get a feeling for my new life, my new business, choose the colours, the messages. It was so helpful, thank you! I am now clear on how I want the people to feel around me and my business and during the journaling process in prompt 1, I wrote down a huge vision that makes me feel so excited and happy. Thanks to this course, I now have a clear vision and plan at hand and I am so looking forward to setting it all up! :D"

Annika H.
about the Life/Brand Alignment Challenge

Sara Obando, Designer from Costa Rica

Hi, I'm Sara!

Sara is the founder of Stargazed Studio, and a designer specialized in branding, WordPress web design, and user experience that connects people. She is passionate about educating and empowering others who want to start and grow their own purposeful business through intuitive branding and mindful strategy, while living a lifestyle that brings them peace and fulfillment.

Sara is an INFJ, enneagram 2w3, and Slytherin. She was born in Costa Rica, but currently lives in Utah, where you can find her every Friday evening at home, eating pizza and watching SciFi with her husband and doggie.

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