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We can help you make your hobby a profession!

So many photography businesses come and go. They have the equipment, the portfolio, and the experience, but they just can't seem to make that step to the next level. How do you even start a business?

What is the process?

What software should you be using?

What type of contract should you have?


Then there is marketing...

Female photographer holding a camera.

Should you prioritize having your own website, or a way to quickly share galleries with your clients?

Did you go with a friends recommendation and now your website looks the exact same as every other photographer?

Do you feel like your branding or website don't represent your work professionally?

You love taking photos, capturing moments, and creating memories, but how do you reach those people you could be helping?


... and the time!

Are you trying to share your time between your photography business and another job?

Do you have kids at home that require a lot of your time, but you still want to pursue your photography career?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?
Isn't there any way to make starting a photography business easier?

Up-leveling a business takes either a lot of money or a lot of time. Starting the process of taking that next step often prolongs itself and takes even more money, and even more time. Sometimes you don't have that much of either!

Our goal is to help you save on both time and money!


We'll go from this → To This → And This!

Behind the scenes of my logo design process featuring Ariel Elizabeth Designs. Image shows a close up of an open notebook with many different doodles for a logo concept.
Behind the scenes of my logo design process featuring Ariel Elizabeth Designs. Image shows four different logo concepts created digitally on Illustrator.
Ariel Elizabeth Designs Website design by Sara Obando

Time and money are among our most valuable resources

We noticed that the biggest problem why photographers don't uplevel their business really comes down to time and money. Not enough time to do all the research, learn, and apply everything they need to cover their marketing, legalities, strategy, and anything else they might need to work on. Not enough money to hire out different people to help them with all those different aspects. 

We came up with a way to help them save on both:
A package that includes both services and research, so that everything they need is in one place.

You save money because we're packaging everything in a way that we don't have to create it from scratch every time, and that time we save, we pass it on to you in money you save. 

You save time because you don't have to spend hours wandering around Google anymore. We've created one place wher eyou can find answers, resources, community, guidance-anything you could need for your business. 

Imagine that in a matter in a few weeks you could have:

  • An amazing looking brand
  • A website that is beautiful as it is functional, and that your clients can use to access their galleries
  • Resources to revamp your social media
  • Contracts and forms in place so that both you and your clients are protected
  • An organization structure for your business, with tasks, deadlines, and reminders to keep you on track
  • A system in place so interested inquiries can book you easily

You know what that would mean?
You've done it! You've taken the next step! Photography is no longer a hobby, but your profession!

Sara Obando, Lead designer at the web studio, and her husband Cameron Lacey, systems and efficiency lead.

By the way, hi!

We're Sara and Cameron, a husband and wife business combo, ready to help you and your business.

Sara has been working with creatives for 5+ years, getting a behind-the-scenes look of how they have scaled their business. Before that, she worked in IT, helping with the maintenance of over 100+ websites, and training people on how to use them. Overall she has 12+ years of experience as a designer, helping people with their branding, web design, user experience, marketing, systems, and more.

Cameron recently joined Sara in her business, coming from a background in manufacturing engineering where he worked on creating and improving company systems to help track information and improve performance. He bring amazing insight and solutions on workflows, efficiency, and making sure everything is working how it's supposed to.

Both put their heads together, combining right side and left side of their brains, to create a system that could provide a solution to a common problem they were seeings among friends and family, while also keeping costs as low as possible to make it affordable for them.

Hobbyist To Pro

Everything you need
to kick off your photography business!
The Perfect package for photographers wanting to take their business to the next level.

What you'll get in this package:

Launch a professional online presence without worrying about the tech side
(so you can focus on what you love-creativity)

Integrate your photo proofing into your own website
(so your clients don't have to go anywhere else)

Increase your confidence in managing your online content
(No more asking your teenage cousin for help updating your website)

Simplify your business with all sorts of resources and recommendations
(No more endless google searches for "how to _______"!!)

Make your work memorable with a unique brand
(isn't it cool when people recognize your logo?)

Wedding Desserts

What's inside this package?

Website Setup

Website Setup

Website Setup

Website Setup

Website Setup

Website Setup

Website Setup

Website Setup

Website Setup (value $240)
We will guide you through the process of purchasing your own hosting and domain, and then we'll take over to develop your WordPress website.

Web Design (value $1380)
We will create a professionally-designed website to tell your story, display your skills, capture leads, and sell your product. We will set it up with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, so that Google loves you more. We can integrate it with several different photo proofing systems such as Pixieset, Pass, and Shootproof.

Logo & Branding (value $600)
Make your business stand out with a sexy logo and watermark that portray your unique style and professionalism. We will also design for you brand elements to use in your marketing. Take your brand everywhere you go!

Video Tutorials (value $150)
We'll make sure you know how to use everything included in this package. These tutorials will show you how to use WordPress and update your website with new content, as well as how to effectively use your brand in marketing your business.

BONUS: Start-up Checklist (value $50)
We've gone through the effort of sifting through all the information out there so you don't have to! This checklist will help you through the process of starting your business and provide some useful resources to help you do so.

BONUS: Asana Templates (value $25)
Asana is a super nifty program that helps you keep track of everything you need to do, whether it's a weekly social media post or creating a whole new package. These are some templates to help you get started, tailored specifically for photographers.

BONUS: Marketing Templates (value $250)
We've got you covered with 10 different templates to help you make your marketing look amazing and professional.

BONUS: Resource Library (Value $250)
We've put together a super handy library with unlimited access to resources for you to use. It covers topics such as legal matters, marketing, personal development, and more!




This is a new service we are offering, and it's still being beta-tested (thus the special offer!).

"Sara took care of all the stressors and things that weren't working for me. I was worried about the financial investment, but Sara's prices were reasonable and I knew she had a talent for it. She listened to everything I said and made my web space represent me. The best thing about Sara is that she doesn't do what she wants but listens and helps you brand yourself. And not just make a website."

-Katie Bushell, Havenwood Design

How does the Hobbyist To Pro Process work?

Step #1

You fill out the Starter Form, and receive an email with instructions to join the Hobbyist to Pro Program and request your brand.

Step #2

We work on creating or revamping your logo and brand elements, while you finish collecting any content we need for your website.

Step #3

We work on your website, implementing the brand we've created for you, and connecting it to your photo proofing service.

Step #4

We celebrate the launch of your new brand and website with pizza and chocolate! (Or whatever makes you happy :D)

Let's Work Together

If you are interested in working with us, just follow this quick, easy steps:

  • Fill our the form below and tell us about your project
  • Give us 24-48 hours, and you'll receive an email from us with a link to schedule a time to talk. Let's get this project started!
  • If you have any questions, scroll under the form for some of our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Additional questions? Include them in the form when you tell us about your project!

Frequently Asked Questions

"I have only good things to say about Sara. She's so incredibly humble and I enjoy our conversations. She's receptive to feedback and always has a solution. I have worked with my fair share of developers and designers and have to say, Sara is one of the most talented web developers I've come across. She not only understands the technical pieces and can bring you back to reality when your ideas are just going to waste time and money but the design elements that bring it all together. Not to mention, she's fast! This is a very unique skillset to have. I will be recommending her to all of my clients."

- Jana Rowland, JWRX

Ready to Turn your hobby into a profession?

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