Grow Together Mastermind

Are you an online service provider, starting out your business and with no direction whatsoever?

You know where you want to be, but you don't know the steps to get there?

Every other business on Instagram seems to have their stuff together, and you feel like you are the only one that's left behind?


I've been there. I thought that starting my online business would be the glamourous dream I had planned all my life, that it would be easy and fun, and that I'd be making money in no time. I figured I had the skills, and as soon as others saw that, I'd have lines of people wanting to work with me.

I didn't realize that today's online world is crowded, competitive, and full of loud noises. I didn't know I would feel so lonely. And I didn't have the skills to run the "businessy side" of my business. If I wanted my business to take off, I needed more than the services I was offering. I needed new habits, a schedule, a lot of organization, a whole lot of systems in place.

Yes, the internet has all the answers, but do you have time to find them? Do you want to experiment one thing after the other, trying to figure out what works?

Wouldn't you rather join a community of people who are going through the same issues as you? Who are excited to meet others they can relate to? And being lead by someone who already went through the same problems, and can personally guide you?

Grow Together Mastermind - Virtual Coworking Space for Female Online Service Providers. Image shows two women working together on a laptop.

"I started my business project less than 6 months ago and was not prepared for it to become so daunting so quickly. Talking to Sara has been game changing, every time! Sara has tons of experience being a woman entrepreneur and was eager to use that experience to guide me in my own process. It was amazing how relatable her experience could be to mine and how certain tools and methods she had used applied to my own kind of business. Her willingness and motivation were contagious and made me see solutions to small details so clearly! She is knowledgeable and experienced and has a knack for pointing out the one aspect that will enhance your business! Having Sara available for consulting has been essential in my journey to become a successful woman entrepreneur!"

-Pam, The Lettering Spot

Hello there, my name is Sara!

And I can help you establish your online presence, guide you on setting up and organization, and have that business you've been working so hard on finally taking off!

I started freelancing in 2016, trying to juggle a lifestyle blog with a web design business. I had one strong client, providing me with enough work that I felt comfortable and cozy where I was, and didn't work on establishing my online presence further.

Suddenly, some health issues came up, bringing along an episode of depression. And shortly after, the big client started giving me less and less work. And I didn't have any other consistent clients.

I found myself laying for hours in my couch, Netflix playing in the background, feeling guilty because I knew I should be trying to find new work. But I didn't know how, I didn't know where to start. Posting pretty pictures on Instagram was apparently not enough. I had no motivation, I had no goals, no guidance, and I felt very, very lonely.

It's been only two years since those days, but it feels like forever ago. I have a design studio that I am proud of, I'm working now with this mastermind, which I'm sooo excited about! I have an amazing network of people that I interact and collaborate with, both online and offline. And I've become the go-to person among my friends on how to organize your business and get it running.

I absolutely love my work. What was the key element that made that change possible? A community. And I can guarantee you that a community will bring that change for you too.

Sara Obando - Design Entrepeneur, Brand and Web Designer. Image is Sara standing outdoors by a blooming tree.

Is this for Me?


The Grow Together Mastermind is a group for like-minded women wanting to learn and, well, grow together. The spots are limited because we want people who will be actively participating and ready to be kept accountable. It's a space to receive advice and acquire skills, but also to meet others that understand what you're going through in your business, lift each other up, and make meaningful connections.


This mastermind is for you if...

  • You are working from home and want a virtual co-working space.
  • You are striving to become an online entrepreneur.
  • You are a service provider working online.
  • You want to make business friends who get you.
  • You want to talk to someone other than your dog or your baby.
  • You want to be kept accountable with your goals and plans.
  • You want to network and collaborate with others that complement what you do.


Does any or all of that sound like you? And you are ready to commit to a group that will change your business, and possibly your life? Then continue reading!

Let's Grow Together


  • Only 12 Spots at a Time so that we can create an intimate, safe space where all members feel comfortable sharing their questions and struggles.
  • Bimonthly Trainings on software, systems, branding, web design, social media, and other technical and mindset skills-and we take requests.
  • Weekly Q&A's to answer any questions you are facing in your business right then.
  • Monthly Online Networking Events where instead of just watching me talk, you can network live with the other members.
  • Private Slack Group that doubles as a virtual co-working space where you can ask questions, receive feedback, make connections, join challenges, find opportunities, set goals and be kept accountable on them, and much more!
  • Evergrowing Vault of Resources with videos, guides, courses, and other goodies to help you gain new skills.

1 Free Week
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* No refunds available. The contract is from month and month, and you can cancel your subscription any time.