Daily Love Journey Brand + Website Redesign


Daily Love Journey wanted a redesign that aligned them with the new direction of their brand. They wanted a transition from the teenage, homemade look they had before to something more chic and modern that showed their readers that they were growing along with them.


Daily Love Journey catered to young adults, mostly women, who struggle to find time between school, work, and other responsibilities to take care of themselves and prioritize their wellbeing.

When Daily Lovejuice made the transition Daily Love Journey, we got to work on all aspects of the rebrand for it. The keywords were modern, feminine, and fun. We do feel like it also looks a bit adventurous, what do you think?

Daily Love Journey Logo

The colors are completely different to the ones the brand had before (bubbly pink and light blue). It still carries the “fun” element that the previous brand had, but it’s more modern and mature.

Daily Love Journey Brandboard

The textures were a lot of fun. The first one has a “watercolor” effect, we did that one from scratch since it doesn’t have many complicated details. For the second one we used two different textures, one with the hearts and another one of glitter, and overlayed them for glittery hearts. We also added the “Daily” and “journey”. This second texture is meant to be used on packaging and paper. The third one is simple, but with harsher contrasts.

Flat lay photo showcasing branded stationery items for Daily Love Journey

Stationery design to display how the textures can be applied. Business cards are using the first texture, envelopes the second texture, and the folder the third texture. We also included a possibly recreation of the #DailyLove print out that they were using as a lead magnet, although that print out is actually going to be completely redone content wise as well.

Below are closeups of the envelopes and business cards.

Stationery closeup of the envelopes for Daily Love Journey
Stationery closeup of the business cards for Daily Love Journey


These are some of the social media graphics created for the brand as well. They have both an overlay in one of the brand colors and the third texture, to make almost any photo match the brand. The submark is enough to make the graphic recognizable.

Social Media graphic for Daily Love Journey
Social Media graphic for Daily Love Journey


Some label mock ups to see other brand elements in action. This brand includes a few illustrations and decorations that I wanted to be able to display. Below you can see them as the lines and hearts decorating the labels.

Custom-designed product tags for Daily Love Journey

And lastly one of our favorite parts, thank you cards and wrapping paper. The moment we started putting together the glittery hearts texture, we knew we wanted to see it as wrapping paper. It’s perfect for it, don’t you think?

Wrapping paper and thank you cards design for Daily Love Journey

Once the brand visuals were set, we got ready to work on the website redesign! Since the graphics include so many elements already, we left the website details more simple, just to be complemented by the graphics.

Ipad screen showcasing the front page for Daily Love Journey

This brand includes so many different elements, it’s beautiful! We got to experiment and make some awesome mock ups to display these individual elements. It was so much fun, and we’re in love with the results.


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