Ariel Elizabeth Designs Brand + Website


Ariel Elizabeth wanted to take her local business online with a new brand and website that would help her showcase her work and style to the internet.


Ariel Elizabeth Designs creates custom dream wedding gowns and luxury apparel for women throughout the United States.

This design turned out very elegant, with small details that make the whole difference—portraying the style that Ariel Elizabeth’s gowns fulfill as well!

Logo Design for Ariel Elizabeth Designs
Brandboard for Ariel Elizabeth Designs

The brand lends itself to have both a simple look and a detailed look, depending on how you need it. The submarks are simple and straight forward, and the decorative elements can be used outside of the logo as well, which we get to do with the website.

The textures are reminiscent of the actual textures that Ariel Elizabeth uses on her dresses. Being a local client, we got to visit her studio and see some of her work!

Here is the business card concept, followed by the actual business cards we ordered through Moo.

Temporary landing page for Ariel Elizabeth Designs, featuring the logo and a textured background.

Once we finished her visual brand, we set up a temporary website while the content for the final website was ready. We are so in love with the texture we used for the background!

After some months, we got to work on creating her website and helping her showcase her beautiful gowns. Here you can see how we got to use individual elements from her brand.

Front page of the Ariel Elizabeth Designs website.

We loved working with Ariel Elizabeth, and loved that she gave us creative freedom to build this amazing project.


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