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iMac on a desktop. The screen is showcasing the Daily Lovejuice website, open on their Shop page and showcasing their self care products.

Daily Lovejuice Shop

Daily Lovejuice did the transition from just a blog to becoming an online store as well. I used WooCommerce to easily integrate a shop into the existing website. I used custom code to create the buttons on the shop main page to the features categories. The image below has multiple screen snaps from the end result.

Collage of four windows showcasing different pages of the project: Shop page, Selfcare Clutches Category, Product Page for Samples Bear Coinpurse, and the Cart page.

You can see in this image the whole shopping walkthrough. It starts in the main Shop page, narrowing down to a category, selecting a product, and adding it to the cart. As with all my projects, I paid special attention to each step of the process to ensure that any buttons, links or headings generated by the e-commerce plugin stayed on brand with the rest of the website.

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