Diana Groesbeck Brand + Program Branding


Diana Groesbeck wanted a brand for herself, and matching sub-brands for her programs. She was looking for something that looked like it belonged together, while still having ways to differentiate them.


Diana Groesbeck is a life and relationship coach specializing in helping single people develop better connection and communication skills, and build confidence to create a healthy relationship.

Diana Groesbeck is a Life and Relationship Coach. She’s had her successful Love Life Makeover program for a while, and she wanted to rebrand it, along with her newer Life Makeover program.

Diana Groesbeck Brandboard

We created a personal brand for Diana, and established fonts, colors, and textures. Diana wanted her initials and a crown in her logo, and we are very proud of finding a way to balance the letters in the illustration.

Then we assigned specific color combinations to the brands for the programs. And we assigned specific textures to be used only with the programs, so that they all fit together, while also creating certain differentiation.

We created a variety of graphics for her online presence: Facebook banners, slideshow templates, and square social media templates, all of them customized for her personal brand and for her programs.

We love the balance we were able to create between her brand and her programs, and we’re proud of the results!

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