Jana Works Brand Redesign


Jana wanted a whole brand redesign, and update it to be more vibrant and more aligned with the new direction in her business. And she wanted us to help her update that vibe throughout her online presence.


Jana Works supported small businesses and entrepreneurs (often online based) by connecting them with virtual assistants and service providers who could fulfill their needs. They also provided mentorship and training for virtual assistants and service providers starting out in their industry.

We were very excited when our long-term client Jana asked us to completely redesign her brand! She wanted a completely new concept, and we had a lot of fun with it.

Jana Works Logo

The logo includes symbols explaining the process of what Jana Works can do for their clients: find the help they need, set up systems, and get their business ready for the online world.

Jana specifically wanted bright colors that popped out! We think we managed to create a brand that included all those colors in a balanced way.

Jana Works Brand Board

The central texture design was one of the highlights. It was an important piece, since it’s what is used for the background of the logo structure (the enclosed hexagons behind the logo title). The gold and silver texture are mostly used as an overlay over “Jana Works” in the logo. But the central texture is also used as background for different aspects. Below, you can see the texture used as a background for this Jana Works PDF.

Jana Works PDF / Print out page

With the central texture, the bright colors, and the pattern from the logo we also created a set of overlays to use on social media images. All the overlays worked based on transparency-only, since Jana and her assistants don’t always have access to Photoshop and needed something they could use in programs like Canva.

Social Media Templates and Overlays for Jana Works

Lastly, it was around that time that we started offering the “Links for Social Media” service, and Jana was one of our first clients using that service. We set up a page on her website that was specifically designed for social media links to land on, and a system to easily add, edit and re-arrange the links shared on that page.

Jana Works Links Page on a mobile device

This was a huge project that was a lot of fun to work on. So many elements were part of this brand! It definitely marked a big difference between her previous brand and this new one, bringing to life the new vision she had for her business.


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