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Desktop computer showcasing the Jana Works website.

Jana Works Website + Community

Jana Works was one of our maintenance clients, and one of the biggest projects we did together was redesign their website and transform it into a community with forum, groups, courses and other resources.

Below you can see some snapshots from the website.

  • The front page provides a quick introduction to the services that Jana Works provides.
  • The courses integration (example below in the “Entrepreneur Mindset” image) was done via LearnDash.
  • The Tools page, also listed below, provided a collection of tools divided in tabs by the level of entrepreneurship. These Tools page was set up in a way that to add or edit any software listed, it just required filling a simple form or editing it, and it would automatically adjust the new item to the layout.

Collage of five windows showcasing different pages of the project: Homepage, Tools, The Entrepreneur Mindset Course Page, and two views of the Community page.

Above are two of the different community views we experimented with to see which one worked better.

This project allowed us to work with different software we had not used before, like LearnDash and ActiveMember360. It also gave us a chance to showcase our function-design skills, since it contained so many small pieces that required special functionality not provided by the theme. It was an exciting project!

Desktop computer showcasing one of the modules inside of the Concept to Company course by Jana Works.

Shortly after we got the chance to design the banners for Jana Work’s Concept to Company courses. We were honored that Jana specifically mentioned she wanted some of our custom-made textures for the image backgrounds, so, we were happy to mix and match some of our textures and recolor them to match her brand.

The course is actually a bundle of six different courses, each with several lessons. So, we ended up creating 52 banners to serve as the featured image for each lesson.

Four different graphics used as lesson and module covers for Jana Work's Concept to Company course.

Some sets were green, some sets were gold, matching the Jana Works’ brand. Lesson backgrounds match the course’s background.


What Jana had to say…

I have only good things to say about Sara. She’s so incredibly humble and I enjoy our conversations. She’s receptive to feedback and always has a solution. I have worked with my fair share of developers and designers and have to say, Sara is one of the most talented web developers I’ve come across. She not only understands the technical pieces and can bring you back to reality when your ideas are just going to waste time and money but the design elements that bring it all together. Not to mention, she’s fast! This is a very unique skillset to have. I will be recommending her to all of my clients.

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