Ladies in Action Brand


Ladies in Action needed help with brand and graphics to launch their first event. We’ve provided Ladies in Action with design and marketing support for their online presence ever since.


Ladies in Action organizes events to empower and connect women in Utah. They aim especially to reach out and support women who are struggling in one way or another, and to provide a space where everyone feels that they belong.

Ladies in Action organizers Dora Lopez and Diana Groesbeck (pictured above) started holding this event in the summer of 2019, and Sara (of Stargazed Studio!), happened to be there from the beginning.

Ladies in Action Brandboard

Thanks to Ladies in Action, we’ve gotten to see our work showcased on giant screens! And also on different types of merchandise. We provided the files, and the merch creation was done by Anderson Monograms.

Ladies in Action logo and brand elements featured on branded merchandise: embroidered on a baseball cap and a blanket, printed on a shirt, and embroidered on a hoodie.

Not only did we provide graphic support for Ladies in Action, but we also provided marketing and online presence strategy, and helped with their social media presence and Facebook community.

We love that there’s no stock photography in these graphics, they are all made with photos from previous events. Photography for most of these images by Pectolite Photography.

Ladies in Action Instagram grid

And we enjoyed creating this Instagram grid that not only fit together like a puzzle, but also provided a space for us to establish some content pillars.


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