LGBTQ+ Pride Flag
Desktop computer showcasing a big banner with three women hugging, and in front of them the Ladies in Action logo. To the side of the computer are two images, one of a Ladies in Action event flyer, and the other one of a social media welcome graphic.

Ladies in Action Brand

Branding, consulting, and on-going graphic services for Ladies in Action, an Utah-based event meant to support and empower local women.

Photo of Ladies in Action organizers Dora Lopez and Diana Groesbeck, in front of a giant screen showcasing the Ladies in Action logo.

Photo by Pectolite Photography.

Ladies in Action organizers Dora Lopez and Diana Groesbeck (pictured above) started holding this event in the summer of 2019, and Sara (of Stargazed Studio!), happened to be there from the beginning.

Thanks to Ladies in Action, we’ve gotten to see our work showcased on giant screens! And also on different type of merchandise. We provided the files, and the merch creation was done by Anderson Monograms.

Ladies in Action logo and brand elements featured on branded merchandise: embroidered on a baseball cap and a blanket, printed on a shirt, and embroidered on a hoodie.

Not only do we provide graphic support for Ladies in Action, but we also provide marketing and online presence strategy, and help with their social media presence.

Social Media Graphics for Ladies in Action. The graphic on the left shows two women side hugging, from the back, and it says "Welcome New Members!" followed bu the Ladies in Action logo. The image to the right show three women from the back, should to shoulder, holding flowers, and the logo of Ladies in Action in front of the image.

And because we couldn’t decide, here’s a collage of multiple event invitations we’ve created. We love that there’s no stock photography in these invitations, they are all made with photos from previous events:

Collage of different invitation graphics for Ladies in Action events. Two graphics are square and feature the guest speaker, two graphics are styled like a horizontal postcard, and the last two graphics are specific for vendors to share.

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