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I provide several 1-on-1 services to help you in your business journey. These are all designed to help you upgrade your business to the next step, no matter at what level you are at. Feel free to contact me before booking to assess which service would benefit your situation the most.

Once you click any of the buttons below, a light box will give you more information about the service. If it sounds like what you need, fill out the form at the bottom of the light box to start a booking. I will then receive your application, assess your problem, and get back to you with more details.


System Clarity Plan

Tell me what your goal is, and I'll tell you what you need to set it up. If you know you need tools to make your system work, but you don't know what options you have or how they can work together, this is for you. I'll create a detailed plan guiding you to set up your system the most efficient way, along with some alternatives if applicable.

Website Audit

I'll navigate through your website, and evaluate the flow and user experience of your design. I'll go over design and marketing elements, with your business vision in mind. You'll receive a video of me walking you through the website changes I suggest to improve your conversion rate. Additional add ons for SEO and WordPress specific audits available.

Consultation Call

Don't you wish you could just have someone to ask ll these questions about your business, your websites, social media, and more? Well, now you have me. We'll schedule an appointment for a 60 minute video chat to answer any questions you could have. I'll ask you about the topics beforehand, to make sure I have the answers you need.