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You know the work you do changes lives.
But how can you share your work with more people?

At Stargazed Studio we empower our clients with a website and online presence that not only communicates how they can help others, but also has the strategy in place to actually reach the people that need your health and wellness services!

Websites are great—it's one of our favorite marketing tools as you may guess! But if it's not part of a strategy, a website by itself won't do much. With our support, you can level up your online presence to showcase your expertise, communicate your message, and connect you with the people you are meant to help. We offer different services to help you at different stages of your business journey.

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In order to ensure the best possible results for our clients, we have designed a work process that makes sure we get to those results! You can review them here quickly, but you can reach out to us and ask more specific details anytime.

Step 1


We get on a call or email to talk about your business, the project you have in mind for it, your budget, and what goals you want to achieve. You can also ask us any questions, and we can go more in-depth into our work and design process.

Step 2

Action Plan

Based on everything we talk about, we will put together a proposal for your project, which may include different options or just the one option that just is the clear solution. You can then ask questions, accept the proposal and sign the contract, or decide that

Step 3


Based on the project we decide on, we will send you a form to collect any additional information we need for your project. This ranges from login access or scheduling our VIP day, to collecting content for your page—varies from case to case.

Step 4

The Magic!

Now we take over and get things done. We take a limited amount of projects each month so that we can block out our time solely for your and  your project. During the Action Plan we'll set up deadlines and communication days so we stay streamlined.

And then we celebrate when your project is ready!
Sounds like this would work for you? Then let's start the conversation!

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Lets' Start the Conversation

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Fill out the form below to start a conversation with Sara on how Stargazed Studio can empower your website and online presence to align with your purpose and hit your goals. Conversations can be over Zoom or email.

Now booking for Fall and Winter 2024.

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