Design for Wellness

A collaborative program for health, wellness, and self-development coaches, trainers, and educators

What you are building is changing the world. You are teaching, training, encouraging people to serve others with their skills and gifts. You are helping them rise and shine.

Now it's time for other people to see what your students and mentees are creating.

That's where we come in.

In a world with AI, spam bots, and sleazy marketing techniques inundating the world both online and offline, don't you want your people in good hands with someone who teaches and practices human-centered marketing?

If this resonates, keep reading.

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WordPress designer Sara Obando standing in a meadow in Midway, Utah

Who are we?

Hi! If we haven't met, I'm Sara Obando. I'm the owner and lead designer at Stargazed Studio and I'm a big believer of self care and community over competition. As someone with a support system consisting of talk therapy, medicine, coaching, reiki, and JourneyDancing, you can be sure I understand how important it is for people to connect with someone who can help them where they are at! Whether it's physical illness, mental health, or spiritual longing, people deserve to find the help they need in their wellness journey. And I want to help simplify that process.

Stargazed Studio has been working with therapists, coaches, yoga instructors, and more, for almost seven years. We specialize in website-centered marketing focused on one-on-one connection. And as strong supporters of wellness in all its aspects, why we are creating this Design for Wellness program!

Design for Wellness
How We can collaborate together

In an effort to become an asset to you and your business, we have created this collaborative program where you can offer web and design expertise to your students and mentees. There are multiple parts to this program, so that your students can benefit regardless of what stage they are in!

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Option 1

Trainings and Presentations

Have Sara present to your students! Whether you prefer a live presentation with a Q&A session at the end to help them with specific questions, or want a pre-recorded training to include in your curriculum, Sara will be happy to help you and speak on any of the following topics:

  • Website basics
  • Setting website goals
  • Creating a seamless online strategy
  • Cohesive branding
  • Human-centered online funnels

Sara is also available as a recurrent website / online strategist for your membership or cohort, so she can be there on stand-by to answer questions and guide them in the right direction when it comes to their online presence.

Option 2

Wellness Design Vault

Have your students receive access to a design vault full of graphic templates they can use in their own business! From Instagram graphics to email banners, work sheets, affirmation cards, and more, they will have access to beautiful resources created specifically for health, wellness, and self-development businesses.

We can even create a personalized vault just for your students, create designs exclusive to your membership or cohort, and create resources specific to what  you teach your students.

This is a new offer that isn't completely built out, but we are testing to see how much demand there is for it!

Ladies in Action graphics: invitations, Instagram stories, and quotes to share on social media.
Wellness Starter Sites

Option 3

Referral Program + Wellness Starter Sites

Let us become part of your referral circle, and we'll happily compensate you with a thank you fee every time someone you refer books a project with us.

We know that people who are just getting established with their business don't always have a budget for a fully-customized website that costs multiple thousands of dollars. That's why we came up with a systematized service that allows us to offer professional website design at a fraction of the regular price. The referral program is open to any service, but we think this Wellness Starter Sites service could be what many of your students need.

Whether you are interested in one of these options or all three, we are happy to create a plan that works for you and your students! There are no exclusivity commitments, specific time frames, or anything like that--this would be just a mutually beneficial collaboration between hopefully soon-to-be business buddies: a win-win-win since it's good for you, good for me, and of course good for your students!

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Want to talk more?

Let's do this then!
Choose a time below and let's jump on a casual chat to get to know each other more and see how we can collaborate together. This call is completely no-pressure and no decisions need to be made during the call. But it's great to talk face-to-face (via Zoom) and see how much we resonate with each other!

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