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Systems Design

the all-in-one system for small businesses wanting to simplify and focus on what they love

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"I love spending all my time writing emails, creating contracts, and chasing payments instead of doing what I love."

— No One Ever

We want running a business to be as simple and straightforward as possible by different systems and software:

  • It needs to be simple
  • It needs to be intuitive
  • It needs to be functional
  • Most importantly, it needs to save you time

Setting up systems to simplify your business processes involves a lot, and we want to make sure they all work well together. Just as we love efficient systems, we also want the systems design process to be efficient. For that we have our own special process.

How does the Systems design process work?

Step #1
Planning Call

We get on a video call, plan your project together, and choose a date for the Project Day.

Step #2

We send you the forms we require to complete your project, and you complete them before the Project Day.

Step #3
Project Day

We work full-time on completing your project, and we'll be in touch throughout the day to update you and receive your feedback.

Step #4

We hop on a video call where we walk you through how to use the system. It will be recorded so you can refere to it later.

Step #5
Project Delivery

We celebrate the launch of your new project with pizza and chocolate!
(Or whatever makes you happy :D)

Why would I want help with Systems Design ?

As business owners, time is our most valuable resource.

You might be chasing payments down, sending the same email over and over again, creating proposals, and a million of other tasks. As a result:

  • You have no time to do what you love.
  • You are tired of the boring and repetitive parts of running a business.
  • You feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do to keep your business running.
  • You wish you could offer a better experience to your clients, but you don't know how to do it.
  • You feel trapped because trying to improve your system takes so much time that you don't have.

So we take care of these issues for you! With a great system in place:

  • You can have time to focus on what you love.
  • You can automate all those boring tasks.
  • You can have a system that provides an amazing experience for your customers.
  • You can feel confident in your business because you have all the systems in place that you need.
  • You can have the freedom to work on anything you want.

Charity Smith

Charity Smith Counseling

"Sara is fantastic to work with! Before working with her on a Mailchimp project, mailchimp was confusing and anxiety provoking. Now I feel confident using Mailchimp. She got my systems organized and took the time to show me how to use it!

Which systems do you work with?

We currently specialize in two main systems, Dubsado and Zoho One. Below is a little comparison of the two. If you aren't sure which is best for you, we'll talk about your business needs and figure it out!

dubsado Logo


35 USD / Month

Who Is It For

  • Good for small, project-based businesses such as photographers or designers.


  • Very easy and intuitive to use.
  • Easy to maintain and change what happens behind the scenes.


  • Includes all the basic features needed for on-boarding and managing projects.
  • Lacks some key features such as, email marketing, and social media management.
  • Not the best contact management because it's all project-based.
  • Does not have mobile apps.


  • Excellent support from the company and other users.
  • Constantly improving and adding features.
  • The company is very community-focused and have frequent webinars to engage with the community.

Our Thoughts

  • It's exceptionally good at what it does, but what it can do is limited.
  • This is what we use, and we love it. We may eventually switch to Zoho One as we grow, but we are very happy with Dubsado.
Zoho logo

Zoho One

37 usd / month if a solopreneur

Who Is It For

  • Good for any business, but aimed towards larger businesses.


  • Easy to use, but not quite as intuitive as Dubsado.
  • Can be complicated to learn how to change what happens behind-the-scenes.


  • Includes everything you need for on-boarding and managing projects.
  • Has almost everything you might need to run any type of business from one piece of software.
  • Has mobile apps.


  • Quality of support varies. Generally it's good  but can be slow to respond (5-10 days).
  • Has very thorough help documentation. If you need to change something, you can probably find the instructions in the documentation.

Our Thoughts

  • It has a lot of features and capability, but it doesn't necessary excel at anything. Jack of all trades, master of none.
  • Extremely good price for what you get. For example, just the email marketing part alone would cost you about $80/month to get an equivalent elsewhere.

Here is a comparison of some of the most commonly used available features in Zoho One and Dubsado.

For a complete list of features or to learn more about what each has to offer, click here for Dubsado and click here for Zoho One.

Chart showing comparison of features of Zoho One vs Dubsado

*Zoho One is 37 USD / Month if you are a solopreneur. See their pricing information for more details

System Design Offers

All our System Design offers include:

  • A 60-minute Planning Call to organize your project.
  • Pre-Work tailored to your project, based on what we discuss on our Planning Call. It takes care of collecting all the information we'll need to complete your project.
  • A Project Day where we won't have anything on our schedule other than completing your project.
  • Voxer access during the Project Day, so we can easily communicate while we are working on your project.
  • Voxer and email support for seven days after the project is delivered, to answer any questions you may have about your new project.

We will be fully committed to your Project Day, so we expect you to commit to the day as well. Your input throughout the allows for live revisions that will help us stay in the right direction and create something that you will love.


  • 1 hour Planning Call
  • 1 Hour Walkthrough Call
  • 1 Week of Email & Voxer Support
  • 3 Automated Workflows
  • 4 Forms/Questionnaires
  • 10 Canned Emails
  • 4 Contracts
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Proposals/Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Sales Pipeline


  • 1 Hour Planning Call
  • 1 Hour Walkthrough Call
  • 1 Week of Email & Voxer Support
  • 3 Automated Workflows
  • 4 Forms/Questionnaires
  • 10 Canned Emails
  • 4 Contracts
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Proposals/Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Contact Management & Contact Import
  • Social Media Management Setup
  • Email Marketing Contact Import
  • Zoho is very flexible, so if you need another feature we can probably make it happen

We'll go From This ↓

Notebook with a business process workflow drawn out in pencil.

To This ↓

Example of a business process workflow going from onboarding to offboarding

And Finally This! ↓

gif showing zoho scheduler and crm

Real results for you, based on our systems, research, and experience.

Let's Work Together

Every project is unique, so we start with a call to determine if our services are the solution you need. All we ask is that if you decide to schedule a call with us and book a project, trust us and our process!

What's happens next?

  • Schedule an appointment with us below. This will be a 30-minute Zoom call.
  • Before our scheduled call, you'll receive a form to fill out about you, your business and the project you need help with. Filling out this form is essential, since it provides us information to come prepared for your call.
  • On the call, we'll ask you about your goals and details about your project, and you can ask us anything about our work process.
  • Shortly after the call you'll receive a project proposal from us where we break down the project we suggest for you to reach the goals you want. You can then decide if you want to go ahead with the project.

If you have any questions, scroll under the form for some of our Frequently Asked Questions. But questions specific to your project can be addressed during our call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional questions?
Check out our general FAQ page, or click on the bubble in the right bottom corner below to ask us anything!