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When you are in the starting phase of your business, you need something flexible, something that doesn’t necessarily require having a niche or knowing your brand mission yet.

You just need something to start out, look professional, and help you get to those stages where you get to define your niche and mission!

And yes, looking pretty is nice. But if it actually has a strategy behind it that will help you accelerate this phase, even better.

That’s where the Wellness Starter Site comes in!

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Stargazed Studio has created dozens of websites, many of them for health and wellness providers, so we know a thing or two about where you are at in your business journey.

  • We understand the struggle and balance between wanting a professional website, but not wanting to spend thousands on a website that might need to change in the next year to evolve with your own journey.
  • We understand that you have the expertise to be an amazing professional that helps other people, yet not having your business caught up to the same point and it not showcasing who you are.
  • We understand that these are big investments for you, and sometimes you just need to prioritize other areas where the investment is more needed to grow your business.

But we still wanted to help and create a service that fills the gap between DIY-ing your own website (which is usually not too expensive money-wise, but definitely requires time investment), and having a fully customized website design created (which requires both big money and time investments!).

So, what is in that in-between?

Our Wellness Starter Sites.

We have used our years of experience to come up with three solutions to help you have a website up and running in just 10 days, for a fraction of the usual price.

We have achieved this in-between by using pre-made templates designed for specific purposes, and customizing them to you and your business. That way we are saving lots of time on our end, which saves lots of money on yours!

Each template has been carefully designed to follow a pre-established flow that makes it fulfill a goal. And based on that goal, you can choose your template, fill out a form, and have your website delivered to you 10 days later!

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Isotta Peira, Owner of EatsperienceMadrid, Cooking Coach

"Sara did an audit of my website, I had never had one and she was extremely professional and clear.

She first explained to me how an audit of this type works, what she was going to do and how she was going to carry out the checks and evaluations of her. After having done the audit, she shared with me a video in which she explains to me the parameters used, the tools that she used, and she points out the improvements and modifications that she should apply.

Sara explains in such a clear and orderly way that even a person like me, who doesn't have much computer knowledge, can continue without getting lost. She was available to give me additional assistance should she need it. The best thing is that she has not only told me what I have to improve, but she has taught me what to evaluate and how to know if it is functional or less. So I have learned something that I will be able to put into practice on future occasions with my websites. Thank you very much Sara!"

Isotta Peira
Eatsperience Madrid

Ready to Book?

Welcome to the Wellness Starter Site service! So, what does this service entail?
Well, in short, a starter website.

But what makes it different to just using a template or DIY-ing something yourself is that this website includes everything it needs to be strategic:

  1. It is based on a template that includes a specific goal, and by choosing the goal, you are choosing not just how the website looks, but also how it flows, the locations of its calls to action, and the optimization of every placement to help you fulfill that goal.
  2. Template customization with your brand and colors, so it doesn’t look like a cookie-cutter website–it really will reflect you.
  3. Integrations and add-ons that make the website highly professional and save you time and worries: hosting, branding, copy, social media templates, search engine optimization, and more – you don’t have to go anywhere else to get these!

So, let’s break down the service!

Website Design

Receive a website designed after the goal you chose, and customized to you and your brand.


Your Wellness Starter Site includes 1 year hosting with Stargazed Studio.


The website comes with guidelines for each section, along with stock photos you can use.

Basic SEO

All pages will be optimized to your keywords, and your website site map will be submitted to Google.

Google Integration

We will make sure your website is talking to Google so you can capture all the information.

Legalities Templates

Templates for your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Disclaimer.*


After delivery, one set of changes is included.

Optional Add-Ins

Easily choose additional services to enhance your online presence.

*Note - Our websites are not HIPAA compliant. If HIPAA compliance is required, we recommend you integrate the website we provide with a platform such as Vagaro to keep your client communications confidential.

Ready to Book?

Awesome! I just need you to fill out a few questions below, so that we can determine what the goals for your website are. The more accurate you are with your answers, the better feedback we can provide in your evaluation video.

What happens next?
Once you submit the form, you'll be taken to the invoice. If you have a coupon, you can redeem it there. Once the invoice has been paid, you'll receive a confirmation and you'll receive your website evaluation within 2 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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