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Instagram feed featuring different type of work designed by us: visual branding, package design, stationery, hand lettering, branded photography and composition, textures, and other graphics.

We believe in efficiency throughout the design process:

  • It's got to be both attractive and functional.
  • It's got to be unique.
  • And it's got to truly reflect your business.
  • But another aspect of efficiency is that we should be able to get it ready timely.

Design projects consist of many elements, and we want to make sure they all fit perfectly together! We don't want to cut corners on design, strategy, or functionality—those parts are essential to make your project a success—but the one thing we can make more efficient (without losing quality!) is time. And so we built a system that does just that.

We call our system Design in a Day.

How does the design in a day process work?

Step #1
Planning Call

We get on a video call, plan your project together, and choose a date for the Project Day.

Step #2

We send you the forms we require to complete your project, and you complete them before the Project Day.

Step #3
Project Day

We work full-time on completing your project, and we'll be in touch throughout the day to update you and receive your feedback.

Step #4
Project Delivery

We celebrate the launch of your new project with pizza and chocolate!
(Or whatever makes you happy :D)

Why would I want a Design in a Day?

As business owners, time is our most valuable resource.

We noticed that we spent way too much of it going back and forth for weeks, sometimes months, to finish projects for our clients. No one benefits from projects taking so much time!

  • Long projects create indecision and scope creep.
  • Long projects easily become overwhelming—for both parties.
  • Emailing back and forth over weeks creates confusion and it's easy to lose track of what we were working on.
  • We cannot solely focus on your project because we need multiple long projects in development at the same time to be a sustainable business.
  • And with some clients, the longer a project went on, the lower the chance of the project actually wrapping up and getting published.

So we created a work frame that would take care of these issues. It cuts the time of the project to a fraction, and provide a structure that sets up both you and us for success.

With our Design in a Day projects, we actively work on your project for only one day (or two, if it's a bigger project). This way, we are tackling all of the issues above!

  • There is no time to overthink—we set goals for the project, and work on achieving them.
  • We have a system in place outlining the steps for the project—no overwhelm!
  • We keep you updated during the day, and you can provide live feedback—we're all on the same page at all times.
  • We are solely focused on your project: no other emails, no other clients—just you and your project!
  • The projects are designed to be completed by the end of the day. Two days later we'll provide you with customized instructions to help you launch. No more unfinished projects piling up!
Katie Bushell, Owner of Havenwood Design, Design and Decoration for Wedding and Events

Katie Bushell

Havenwood Design
Events + Interior Designer

"Sara took care of all the stressors and things that weren't working for me. I was worried about the financial investment, but Sara's prices were reasonable and I knew she had a talent for it. She listened to everything I said and made my web space represent me. The best thing about Sara is that she doesn't do what she wants but listens and helps you brand yourself. And not just make a website."

Design Offers

We specialize in different types of design that will enhance the experience you offer to your audience. Scroll further below to see some of our portfolio designs.

All our Design in a Day offers include:

  • A 60-minute Planning Call to organize your project.
  • Pre-Work tailored to your project, based on what we discuss on our Planning Call. It takes care of collecting all the information we'll need to complete your project.
  • A Project Day where we won't have anything on our schedule other than completing your project.
  • Voxer access during the Project Day, so we can easily communicate while we are working on your project.
  • Project delivery within 2 work days after the Project Day.
  • Voxer and email support for seven days after the project is delivered, to answer any questions you may have about your new project.

We will be fully committed to your Project Day, so we expect you to commit to the day as well. Your input throughout the allows for live revisions that will help us stay in the right direction and create something that you will love.


1200 USD
  • Custom brand visuals including main logo, alternative logos, textures, colors and fonts, and a brand board explaining how to implement your brand.
  • 1 hour Planning Call
  • Access to our Find Your Brand Program
  • One full day of work
  • Live revisions
  • Brand book explaining how to use the different elements of your brand.
  • Voxer access during the Project Day + 7 days after the project is delivered


1500 USD
  • Custom WordPress website including main pages design, social media and email marketing integration, and intuitive user experience tailored to your audience..
  • 1 hour Planning Call
  • Content Workbook tailored to your website
  • One full day of work
  • Live revisions
  • Walkthrough video showing you how your new website works and how to edit it yourself
  • Voxer access during the Project Day + 7 days after the project is delivered

Note: We can also offer half-days and day rates for smaller projects, or double days for bigger projects. Based on your project, we'll recommend you one or two offers that would work with your project and goals.

We'll go From This ↓

Sketched Logo ideas for Ariel Elizabeth, inside notebook

To This ↓

Logo Design for Ariel Elizabeth Designs

And Finally This! ↓

Front page of the Ariel Elizabeth Designs website.

Real results for you, based on our systems, research, and experience.

Let's Work Together

Every project is unique, so we start with a call to determine if our services are the solution you need. All we ask is that if you decide to schedule a call with us and book a project, trust us and our process!

What's happens next?

  • Schedule an appointment with us below. This will be a 30-minute Zoom call.
  • Before our scheduled call, you'll receive a form to fill out about you, your business and the project you need help with. Filling out this form is essential, since it provides us information to come prepared for your call.
  • On the call, we'll ask you about your goals and details about your project, and you can ask us anything about our work process.
  • Shortly after the call you'll receive a project proposal from us where we break down the project we suggest for you to reach the goals you want. You can then decide if you want to go ahead with the project.

If you have any questions, scroll under the form for some of our Frequently Asked Questions. But questions specific to your project can be addressed during our call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional questions?
Check out our general FAQ page, or click on the bubble in the right bottom corner below to ask us anything!

Annie Carter, Relationships Coach at Annie Joy

Annie Carter

Annie Joy
Relationship Coach

"If you are needing a reasonably priced website designer who knows her stuff, hire Sara! She was so patient with me and helped me understand the process. She offered a content workbook to help me format all of the copy for the website. She was able to help create a beautiful flow and a design that showed my personality without it looking overwhelming. She went above and beyond to help me. She is amazing!"